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7 Things a Man Should Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

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Planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas? Consider visiting Sin City while acting like a gentleman. There are a multitude of ways to venture down dark avenues. However, you can maximize your time by leaving with money in your pocket and not being totally embarrassed to share the tale once you return. First and foremost get your Vegas strategy in check with Discotech the mobile nightlife app for booking LasVegas bottle service, tickets, and guestlist at the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. If you’ve ever had Miami Bottle service, or bottle service in Los Angeles then you know how important it is to have your bottles and service in check before entering a new realm of party goers. Get the Discotech iPhone App step up your game then follow the rules below to maximize you Vegas experience.

Pay for the Trip Upfront

All too often someone thinks they are being wise by putting all expenses on a credit card. Then they arrive in Vegas, gamble irresponsibly in a mad effort to pay for the trip. However, they usually lose what little they brought and still have a sizable bill to pay upon return.

Reserve Decent Accommodations

Men commonly prefer sacrificing personal comfort and luxury for the sake of having gambling money. Unless you are a professional gambler, that is am amateur move. Remember, in the majority of cases, the house wins. Then you are stuck with a joke for accommodations, which makes your mood that much more sour.

Dress to Impress

Sure you may see men dressed in casual if not sloppy attire. They might also be exorbitantly wealthy. However, you will be amazed at the quality of treatment that you will receive if you look like someone who deserves respect. Consider wearing a light colored suit with dress shoes on the plane. Take casual but respectable ensembles to wear around town.

Monitor Your Drinking

Do you really want to spend your time nursing a hangover? The more inebriated you become the greater the likelihood that you will lose money one way or another. Resist the free drinks. Especially avoid getting drunk the night before your return flight. Flying is especially notorious for exacerbating illness.

Be Courteous

It is not the house’s fault if you lose a little or a lot of money. Save a few chips for the dealers and tip the waitresses. Dealers are more sympathetic and waitresses take better care of their customers when treated decently.

Research the Restaurants

It makes for a more enjoyable time to spend your money at more than one moderately-priced eatery rather than spending a fortune at an expensive location that offers substandard service. Decide in advance what you might be willing to spend for a meal and a tip. Then find the spots that fit your criteria.

Take in a Show or Two

While Las Vegas is notorious for gambling, the city also offers world-class entertainment. Select at least one night, have a wonderful meal and see a show. Walk around the strip and take in the sights. In this way too you resist the urge to lose all on slots or blackjack and can wake up refreshed and sober.


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