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7 Ways To Make Your Best Friend Anniversary Unforgettable

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Best friends mean the world to us. We’ve shared every moment of our life with them and had them around through every up and down. As a best friend; you have supported your friend’s relationship and have been an integral part of it too! Being the love messenger, motivator, and couple therapist you have done it all! Therefore; it is your responsibility to ensure your best friend’s anniversary is a blast!

With the anniversary coming and going around every year at such a fast pace; you might have run out of ideas to celebrate your friend’s anniversary.  You need not plan an extravagant celebration; all you need to do is ensure it is memorable and extremely personal to your best friend and their partner.

Here are 7 ways to make your best friend’s anniversary unforgettable:

1] Send them on a hot air balloon ride 

Hot air balloons have been a symbol of romance for quite a while. It is safe to assume your friends have fantasized about riding in a hot air balloon and having a date with the clouds by their side and the landscapes below. Since most air balloon rides take place during the morning; you could set up a fancy breakfast and let them fly over the breath-taking scenery. Plan and book a hot air balloon ride for your best friend and their partner. They will applaud you for life and have the time of their life.

2] Recreate their precious moments 

You as a best friend must be knowing every special moment your best friend had with their partner. You might have even been a part of a few. Leverage this fact to present them with the most thoughtful gift. Re-create their special moments and send them back to the past! Invoke the old memories which fill them with sentimental feelings, which will reinstate the diminishing love and guide them to a future full of love. Let them enjoy doing the things they did earlier.

3] Old memory roll 

Video gifts have the potential to take people on a ride down the memory lane and make them happy as ever. You can gather photos from their past to date and compile them into a video. You could also ask near and dear ones to convey their wishes through videos and put it all together using tools which will furnish a professional video. Check the ideas for anniversary video gift

4] Book an adrenaline-inducing activity for them

Sometimes all you need to make life worthwhile is adventure! If your friend and their partner have been through a rough patch, the best way to make them feel alive is to send them to an activity that gets their adrenaline pumping. Creating new and exciting experiences is a very good way to have a memorable anniversary. Let your friend in the future look back to the old days and be like “Remember the time when my best friend sent us on that crazy adventure!”.

You could also send them to pursue something both of them love; it could be going ice-skating, going to the theatres, their favourite amusement park, or even something as simple as a couple spa.

5] Throw them a surprise party with family and friends

Despite being the most common way to celebrate anniversaries; partying with family and friends is a classic. There is nothing that can go wrong with it since some couples are really connected with their families and friends. Having all their loved ones around for their special day will make them feel loved and happy. You could re-create their wedding day or plan a theme party. Get everyone dressed as characters from their favourite tv show or film and so on.

6] Send them on a camping trip

Nature has the power to induce love and adoration into every living being. This anniversary, send your friend and their partner closer to nature. Let them lay under the starry night and talk about life, let them fill with hope with the fireflies lighting around them and let them have the private time they require with absolutely no one around. Plan out their travel to the destination and also set up meals they like.

7] Make arrangements so they can hangout by themselves 

Sometimes; all that a couple needs is some alone time to sit back, relax, and breathe. With their demanding schedules, they might have missed out on simply hanging out together. As their best friend, ensure no one enters their home, they stay off their phones, and get a chance to unplug from the world. Let them spend the day solely in the company of each other without interruptions, doing whatever they like.

As a best friend, you most certainly are aware of their preferences. There might have been a time when your friend himself expressed what they would like to do with their partner. Contemplate over it and come up with something thoughtful and momentous.

Anniversaries are a great time to be with each other and recall all the memories spent together. They can be monumentalized in several ways. Find out what works best for your friend and go for it!


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