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8 Must-Pack Essentials for Your Romantic Summer Vacation

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Summer is around the corner, and if you’re like most people, you’ve got at least one, if not several, planned vacations.

If you’re in a relationship, hopefully, one of those getaways is just you and your partner. Studies show that regular holidays with your significant other do more than make memories; it strengthens your connection (or reignites it), builds trust, and even boosts your overall health. If you have a romantic summer vacation lined up and want to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered so you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have a fulfilling vacation and create those core memories, keep reading for all the must-pack essentials you’ll need. 


Not much needs to be said here, but nothing will ruin your vacation as a bad sunburn – so make sure you and your partner are covered with SPF if you’re heading somewhere tropical. It’s also worth mentioning that UV rays cause premature skin aging, and if you plan on being together for the rest of your lives, look out for each other and keep those complexions youthful.

Your Favorite Clothes

It’s tempting to want to go on a shopping spree before vacation, but the reality is you look your best when you feel confident, so packing your favorite clothes will not only make you look and feel good, but it can save you money for more important things like excursions and nice dinners out together.


One exception to the no shopping for clothing before your trip rule will be if you’re in need of some intimate lingerie. Nothing sets the tone quite like a sexy new set of panties and bra for her or a pair of briefs that make you feel like a Greek God. Throw in some silk robes so you two can lounge around in luxury and talk, laugh, or do anything else all night long in sensual comfort. 

Massage Oil 

Life is hectic; that’s half the reason people go on vacations, to unplug and reset, and another reason is to destress. Studies have shown that those who take regular vacations enjoy better overall health and live longer lives than those who don’t. Up the ante when it comes to releasing tension by packing massage oil for you and your partner to massage one another. Go with something unscented or in a calming scent like lavender.

A Surprise Gift 

You may think the vacation itself is a present, but even the most frugal or minimalist partner will appreciate a surprise gift on your romantic getaway. This is especially true if your partner’s love language is receiving gifts or if yours is gift-giving. But let’s be real – who doesn’t love receiving a present? Make it a gift that will always be a sweet reminder of your romantic trip. 

Sensual Spirits 

Unless you and your partner are living the sober life, packing along your favorite wine or liquor is a great idea – remember a bottle opener, too! Resorts or hotels charge an arm and a leg for drinks, and chances are good you’ll run up tabs on your dinner dates or club ventures, so bring some bubbly from home to enjoy when it’s just you two in your room.

Travel Snacks 

This may not be the most romantic item on the list, but like sunscreen, it’s essential. Nothing can sour a trip like someone who’s hangry on the road or in the middle of a busy airport. Sure, there are convenience snacks at gas stations or airports, but healthier options will keep your mood boosted and ready to explore with your significant other.

Protection, Please! 

Unless you and your partner are trying to conceive, planning ahead and making sure you’re protected is absolutely essential. While children may be a blessing if they’re not in your immediate plans, it’s always better to play it safe – so remember to pack whatever method you two prefer.

Sure, there will be plenty of other items on your packing list, like chargers for your electronics, extra cash, identification passports, and tickets but the above items will guarantee a home run when it comes to getting the most out of your romantic vacation with your significant other this summer. Happy Trails!


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