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Five Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Options Worth Considering

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While some traditions stand the test of time, like getting engaged and married, others haven’t — like only going with a diamond when you decide to pop the question. If there is one thing that’s not as common these days as it once was when it comes to shopping, it’s brand loyalty. Not only that, people are more open than ever before to marching to the beat of their own drum when it comes to personal style and esthetic. So why should your true love’s ring be any different? If you’re thinking of proposing but still haven’t found the perfect ring, consider the following non-traditional engagement ring options for your non-traditional partner. 

Birthstone Engagement Rings 

Not only is the idea of going with their birthstone as the center stone of the engagement ring a romantic notion, but it’s also incredibly thoughtful. It shows you put more attention into the ring than just traditional diamonds. That is unless their birth month is April, in which case it would be a diamond anyway! Some months have precious stones as their birthstone, like emeralds in May, rubies in July, and sapphires in September. If those are their birthstones, you may be looking at spending significantly more on the ring than with a diamond — but it’s worth it!

Additionally, there are some exquisite rings in the semi-precious stone department on the market. Suppose you can’t find anything while shopping, you could always get a bespoke ring made for your intended. But birthstone engagement rings have been gaining traction the last few years, and they are officially “in” right now, making them a strong contender worthy of your consideration.

Ethical Diamonds 

Maybe you know your significant other has their heart set on diamonds, but they can’t reconcile the ethics behind how most natural diamonds are mined. This issue has received a lot of attention in the last decade or so, so it’s understandable why modern brides object to such diamonds. If your girl is the type who wouldn’t feel right accepting an earth-mined diamond, it’s worth considering lab grown diamonds. The technology behind lab growns has come so far that gemologists and jewelers need a specific machine to distinguish between the two. Lab-grown diamonds won’t be considered a “non-traditional” choice much longer (if it even still is) but is definitely worth a mention on this list. 

From The Sea 

Another option for a non-traditional engagement ring is straight from the seas: the pearl. Pearls are a symbol of incorruptibility and perfection. If you’re sure you want to marry someone, you likely consider them perfect for you. Sure, nobody’s perfect, but your person is for you. And when you think of a lasting union, incorruptibility certainly comes to mind. Pearl engagement rings aren’t new and were very common in the early 1900s. If your significant other is unconventional or into antique jewelry, the pearl would be something they’d treasure and love to wear. Pearl rings also look beautiful flanked by smaller side stones and come in various options. Pearls require more tender care than a traditional stone, so keep your sweetie’s lifestyle and habits in mind if choosing this ring. 

Shoot For the Moon 

A popular choice for a lot of ladies these days is the moonstone. While it somewhat resembles a diamond, it’s got a galaxy of goodness going on in the stone that diamonds do not. Moonstones range in various hues, with blue being the rarest. They are prized for harnessing passion and enhancing the wearer’s femininity. One of the best things about moonstones is their affordability. While moonstones from Sri Lanka and India are the most prized and expensive, you can find affordable ones easily. They make a great and gorgeous option if you’re on a tight budget.

The Two M’s

Last on the list are the two M’s, Morganite and Moissanite. These two stones are wildly popular in the engagement world because they resemble diamonds and their affordable price point. If you know your girl wants several carats of a ring and that’s not in your budget, you can probably afford several carats of Morganite or Moissanite. Though their prices have gone up as their popularity has, they are still considerably more affordable than diamonds with the same look. They’re worth taking a look at if you want to give your girl some serious bling.

Shopping for an engagement ring can be both exhilarating and stressful. Stressful mainly because of the price tag. Going the non-traditional route can save you some serious money and be more meaningful in the long run. So, give these stones some consideration while you’re on the hunt. Happy shopping and many congratulations!


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