Guide to How Men should Behave in a Casino

Going into your first casino can be a little daunting. However, it really needn’t be. Funnily enough, the staff actually want you in there!

There aren’t many things that you need to be aware of to make sure your sophisticated night of gambling goes well. To help you guys out, here are some pointers of how to behave on trips out to the casino.


Be Prepared for the Restrictions

Make sure you bring a government-issued ID and don’t try to go in with a child or anyone younger than 18 or 21 – even if they are your friend and are “not going to play.”

Always cooperate graciously with any security precautions the casino may take. This might involve a pat down for concealed weapons or sophisticated tracking hardware to help game the action in your favour.


Dress to Impress

Depending on the casino, there may or may not be a dress code. If there is, then of course abide by it if you want to be allowed to play. However, even if the casino does not enforce a strict dress code, gentlemen are best advised to still dress at least smart-casual. Think shirts with top buttons undone, smart trousers, and some deck shoes or similar. You don’t need to go overboard but you also don’t want to look like you rolled in off the street.

If your trip to the casino is a little more impromptu and you don’t know about the venue’s dress code policy, assume that there is one. Don’t arrive in trainers, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Although you might well see poker pros sat up at the felt in super-casual-streetwear, not all casinos are as welcoming of such “riff raff”. If you are playing in some wild high stakes cash game, a quiet word in the floor manager’s ear might invite some leniency into the venue’s policy but you should never bank on it.

Our course, if you’d rather play wearing whatever you like, there are always online casinos. Check this page if you prefer online casino that offer free spins with no deposit that can be enjoyed in any outfit you desire!


Tip Your Dealer

Croupiers and dealers often struggle to survive on the minimum wage payments they receive from the venue itself. They therefore rely on tips from punters like you. Now, in  some countries around the world tipping isn’t essential. Make sure you do some research before you go and find out any specific local customs of where you will be playing.

If you are in a part of the world where tipping is encouraged, you should tip everyone usually. A lot of people wrongly assume that you should tip only tip the dealer at a poker table. However, blackjack dealers, roulette croupiers, slot attendants, bar staff, waiting staff, even the cashiers – if they do a service for you on your visit, you will be giving them a bit of cash.

Generally speaking, it’s courteous to tip your dealer or slot attendant around one to five percent of a big win you take down in any game. You should also consider a small tip when they finish their shift at your table.


Don’t Get Wasted

Depending on the casino and their policy, you might be offered free drinks to help lubricate your gambling spirit. Although it might be tempting to go to town on the free bar, it’s hardly the behaviour of a gentleman. Take a drink, sure. Hell, take two or three. But maybe leave it at that.

What’s more, getting drunk in a casino is a dangerous game. There are very few occasions in life that a private company will ply you with drinks. Casinos are one of them and the reason is that drunk people are more reckless. Perhaps your carefully managed bankroll management strategy will go out the window after you finish that fourth Jameson’s on the rocks or maybe that extra white wine might cause you to up your stakes.


Handle Defeat Graciously

Casinos can be brutal places. With big chances to win, there are of course big chances to lose. Remember, no matter how devastating your defeat at the tables to always keep a cool head. Not only is it not very becoming of a gentleman to lose his temper at a game of chance, you’ll also find that casino operators won’t think twice about kicking you out if you are abusive to the staff or anyone else for that matter.

I personally know a guy who was evicted from the Bellagio in Las Vegas after a particularly crushing run at the poker tables. From his recounting of the incident, he didn’t direct his abuse at the dealer, it was at another player who had slow played a big set. The lesson of this little story, if you can’t handle defeat, perhaps the casino isn’t the best place for you.


Keep Your Chips Where We Can See Them!

It’s incredibly bad form to take chips off the table during games – particularly poker. In general, if you are playing any game of live poker, you should order your chips neatly with your high value chips where everyone at the table can see them.

Chip stacks make a massive difference to how people will want to play against you in poker. However, in other games you should always have all your chips in front of you. Don’t put them in your pocket, even to transport them to the cashier. Use the racks provided by the casino if you’re lucky enough to need more than two hands to carry your pile.


Don’t Splash the Pot

Although you’ll often see it in the movies, never throw your chips into the middle of the table. It makes it very difficult for the dealer to keep track of the action.

Instead, place the desired bet amount in neat stacks that make sense – if you were betting £10 in £1 chips, two stacks of five – inside the playing area. Always announce your action clearly too.


Make it Easy for Everyone

Our last point on casino etiquette also relates to how you use your chips in a game. To make it easy on both the dealer in all table games as well as the other players in poker, always make your bets in the lowest number of chips possible. For example, if betting £100 don’t use ten £10 chips if you have a £100 chip.

This is particularly the case in poker. Using a huge range of chip denominations to place your bet makes it incredibly difficult for other players to see at a glance what you have bet.

You should always try to make your action at the poker table uniform so as never to give information away anyway. Using “random” denominations of chips to make bets could be giving your opponent a read on you that you don’t even know about!


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