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How To Be a Good Father: Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

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Parental involvement is the most pressing matter for school leaders, as it can make a world of difference in student outcomes.

Parents, as much as teachers, enhance the academic achievements of youngsters and promote better social-emotional outcomes. And research shows that fathers have a unique and important effect on educational attainment, with the effect slightly more pronounced in math. Put simply, when fathers are involved, the outcomes are positive across the board. It’s critical to remember that, regardless of the family’s structure, children benefit when both their parents engage in playful, creative activities. Even small changes can have a lasting impact. 

Being involved can take different forms, such as: 

Help With Homework

When you become a parent, you discover you dread homework just as much as your son or daughter does. Fitting it into your daily schedule can be challenging, to say the least. Still, you should intervene in some way if you want your child to flourish, succeed, and become an assertive person who’s ready to take on the world. Helping with homework is an essential responsibility as a father that directly supports the learning process. Find a well-lit area and keep supplies (pencils, paper, etc.) within reach. Keep in mind that some children work best in the afternoon, while others prefer to wait until dinner. 

If your child is struggling to complete homework, think about hiring a tutor for personalized support and attention. Your son/daughter must understand this isn’t a chore but a positive opportunity. A tutor can provide much more than homework assistance. For example, they can help deepen the understanding of material and concepts. Tutoring isn’t just for struggling students. Even advanced learners need help in some academic areas tailored to their individual needs and goals. To find a tutor, get recommendations from your child’s teachers, classmates, and friends. The very best tutor is intuitive about students and, above all, flexible in their approach. 

Actively Support and Attend Events at School 

Engaged parents contribute to school attendance, improved behavior, and enhanced social skills. This is why you should go to sports events, student exhibitions, parent-teacher meetings, and so on. Better yet, volunteer for school-related events and become an active partner with your son or daughter’s educators. Being involved gives you the opportunity to spend time with your loved one during the school day. As they grow, they’ll maintain a high quality of work, develop realistic plans for the future, and never stop learning. Needless to say, engaging in school activities and events can be difficult if you have a busy schedule. 

Actively supporting and attending events at school helps you understand what your son/daughter is doing and if they’re progressing towards richer knowledge, higher skills, and deeper understanding. Also, you can build a positive relationship with teachers, which is central to ensuring your child’s success. It provides a chance to talk about their achievements and attainments or tackle issues that might occur throughout the year. Schools do their best to create a welcoming environment and leverage technology to engage parents. The most important thing to keep in mind is that we’re all in this together. The ultimate goal is to enhance the learning experience. 

Set Attainable Expectations or Goals

Successful students have parents who are clear about what they expect from their academic attainment. Your hopes or expectations should be attainable or realistic, in which case your child will do well in school. Expecting flawless performance can lead to feelings of anxiety and can adversely affect their self-worth, especially if they’re not able to rise to the occasion. That being said, don’t set the bar too low because there’s a good chance your son or daughter won’t work toward that goal. Parental expectations must be accompanied by positive reinforcement, so praise your child’s efforts and encourage them to learn from their mistakes, irrespective of the outcome. 

You want to give your offspring the best start in life, so you have very high expectations. Success depends on the ability to visualize success, meaning that low expectations can be self-fulfilling prophecies because students feel they’re not capable. Parents and teachers feel bound in their role to help youngsters fulfill their potential rather than dictating goals and letting them achieve them on their own. The question now is: When do high expectations become undue pressure? Well, if high expectations aren’t matched with support, resilience, and strategies to attain the end goal, the pressure can be too high. 

Become A Role Model for Your Child 

Researchers have pointed out the benefits of mentoring and comfort. Your child will look to you for inspiration, seeing you as an example to be imitated. Now, stop for a moment and think about how others see your behavior. You don’t realize it, but your actions, attitude, outlook, and ethics are being mirrored by your son or daughter, so encourage them to be at their best. For teens especially, it’s critical to set an example of how to achieve goals if you want them to become fulfilled and well-balanced human beings. Not only should you be steadfast and passionate about what you do, but also help your child develop a strong work ethic and confidence. 

In today’s society, youngsters need positive role models in their lives. Don’t embrace inappropriate behavior, violence, alcohol abuse, and so forth. Suppose your child is bullied. Don’t give them aggressive advice about fighting back, as most fathers would do. You’re supposed to be a source of strength and motivation for your son, so use a tone that carries no sense of aggression and create a nurturing environment so they’re not afraid to tell you what’s going on. If you have a story of your own, please share your experience to inspire your child through traumatic times. 

In Closing 

All in all, if you become actively involved in your son or daughter’s education, grades and test scores will improve, attendance will increase, and they’ll become more involved in school activities, to name a few. Fathers bring something different, meaning your involvement has one-of-a-kind benefits compared to the involvement of the mom. Just saying.


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