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How To Tailor Your Skincare Routine for Your Individual Needs

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Figuring out a skin care routine takes research and work. What you need evolves as you get older and even as the weather changes.

Fortunately, you can get glowing, healthy skin by learning about your skin type and how to address specific concerns. Here’s everything you must know to build a routine of Foundation Skincare products.

Identifying Your Skin Type & Concerns

Skin types describe natural tendencies in skin, most of which are genetic, though your medications, diet and environment also make an impact. Knowing your skin type will help you navigate the beauty section, as most companies create products for one or more skin types — they even advertise it on the packaging.

Using the wrong product for your type isn’t just a waste of money — it can worsen skin issues. As a result, it’s critical to know which category you fall into.

The Five Skin Types

There are five generally accepted skin types:

  • Normal: Normal skin is neither excessively oily nor dry. Individuals with normal skin have minimal reactions to irritating ingredients.
  • Oily: People with oily skin generate more oil than individuals with normal skin. Excess oil can lead to blocked pores and makeup breaking down.
  • Dry: Dry skin lacks moisture and may feel tight. People with dry skin may experience dullness, rough texture and even cracking.
  • Combination: Individuals with combination skin have multiple skin types on different parts of their faces. As a result, they usually need multiple products to keep their skin healthy.
  • Sensitive: Sensitive skin becomes inflamed, sometimes due to underlying health issues or in response to certain ingredients, such as fragrance or alcohol.

You may have more than one or fall into different categories depending on the climate.

Common Concerns

Each skin type tends toward certain concerns, though all skin types can experience any of the following issues. For example, people with oily skin may deal with regular breakouts, but anyone can experience acne because of new makeup, hormone fluctuations or not washing their pillowcases often enough.

If you struggle with breakouts, consider adding an azelaic acid 14% cream to your routine. This product hydrates while reducing inflammation. It’s also excellent for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t sting or irritate.

People with dry skin may worry about tightness and flaky texture. Heavier moisturizers, such as gels and creams, will provide the deep hydration you need. To deal with flaky or scaley texture, exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

Using High End, Dermatologist-Created Formulas

When it comes to skin care, you get what you pay for. High-end formulas usually have higher-quality ingredients, which can make all the difference, especially if you have specific skin care needs.

Dermatologists also have the specialized knowledge necessary to create a product that does what it advertises. Lots of brands throw buzzwords around but ultimately don’t get results. Working with actual scientists helps skin care brands create safe and effective products.

Now that you know what you need, you can build a skin care routine that addresses and prevents your biggest concerns. With your moisturizer with niacinamide and chemical exfoliator, you’re ready to look great year-round. 

Be sure to use an Australian SPF sunscreen as well to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.


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