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How to truly experience a good cup of coffee

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If you are like 90% of the world. You’ve been drinking coffee pretty much every waking moment. Every break at work and it has been getting you through the roughest of days. It’s your souls drink to ease any ailment. Your rescue your absolute love, but have you REALLY experienced coffee? You’ve likely never really enjoyed a true cup of joe and the reason is pretty simple. You aren’t drinking freshly ground coffee, and that makes a world of difference. Let me explain why.

This isn’t wine. It doesn’t get better with age.

Freshness, the flavor, the taste are all dependent on WHEN the coffee was ground. Fresh coffee beans cannot compare pre ground coffee. The aroma and flavor alone puts pre ground coffee to shame like a little boy told to go into timeout. Why use coffee beans that have been stored for lengthy periods of time? Convenience. That convenience takes away the true taste a real cup of coffee has.

The grind. No I’m not talking about dancing.

The grind to your coffee is essential to the overall taste of your coffee. Many avid coffee drinkers struggle to get their coffee to taste right and the solution is usually in the grind. has an extensive list of ways to improve your coffee brewing. I recommend taking a look if you are tired of unsatisfactory coffee.

Extraction, timing is everything.

The process of extraction also impacts the final output for your coffee. Under extracted coffee will typically be “sour” and over extracted tends to be “bitter”. Perfect timing for extraction needs to be like baby bears porridge. “Just right”. Creating that balance can be the end all be for that great coffee experience. So take the time to find the right extraction.

There are many other factors to a perfect cup of coffee, and your best cup of coffee experience could be just around the corner if you are willing to put the effort into it. Get some tips from the experts and experience coffee the way it was meant to be. Fresh.


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