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Make Your Resume More Competitive

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Having the perfect resume can make you stand out from the pack in a competitive job market. Beacon Resources not only helps you find jobs in the finance industry, but also helps you become a better candidate so you can land the job you want. That’s why, in addition to providing staffing services, we also offer resume and job interview assistance to help you get the edge. Use these Beacon Resources resume building tops to help polish your resume. In addition to this, you have to make sure that your resume is reviewed several times before you print out the final copy, might as well have two or three versions and use some compare resume builders to get the best output.

Have an Introduction

Include an introductory statement at the top of your resume. An objective or summary statement is a one to two sentence statement at the top of your resume that briefly summarizes your qualifications, skills and background. A good introductory statement should let an employer know at the very start what value you would bring to the company.

Use the Right Buzzwords

Beacon Resources specializes in CPA recruitment and other finance jobs. Therefore, we look for resumes that are tailored to the finance industry. Be specific about finance degrees and certification that you have, industries in which you have experience and finance-related software you are familiar with. Also include space for any soft skills you have to offer.

Identify Accomplishments

When listing former jobs on your resume, don’t just catalog your job duties and skills. Also mention specific things that you accomplished in previous positions. Some accomplishments you might want to consider including on your resume:

  • Promotions you received
  • Awards or recognition you were given
  • Things you accomplished, with specific numbers and figures when possible
  • Positive changes you initiated or helped plan
  • Major projects you worked on and how they benefited your employer
  • Unique accomplishments rather than just generic job duties

Beacon Resources is a premier finance recruiter in Orange County. When you are ready to submit your resume and find jobs in finance and accounting, contact one of our recruiters.


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