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Mail Order Bride vs. Online Dating Websites


Mail Order Bride vs. Online Dating Websites

You’ve seen them before and were always curious. So we decided to go into what might make a mail order bride better than online dating. Here are some of the top 5

1. In case you are new to this. Lets define what exactly makes a mail order bride different from an online dating site like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, or OK Cupid. Mail-order bride websites involve a woman publishing her intent to date and marry someone from a different country. These women typically prefer marrying men from countries that are much more developed financially. In the past, mail-order women used to list themselves in catalogs from where men would select them for marriage. The mail-order women would be mostly women from European countries ending up getting married to men from the United States.

2. A mail order bride can end up being the perfect wife you could ever wished to have. The women from the mail order bride companies can be very submissive, (if you like that sort of thing, you might want to check out and all their focus is on their partner’s happiness. Most men are after the kind of woman that will give them the feeling of a king and why should a man expect any less? The women come from foreign countries and marry men from another country. Because of the better life you can offer them, they consider themselves lucky to be away from her typically poverty-stricken country. To maintain the relationship, they will do anything that will be required of them. Typical online dating doesn’t quite offer the same “experience”.

3. Another advantage that comes with mail order brides is the feeling of hope it gives a man that has a bit of difficulty finding a mate they are compatible with. Most men have tried getting into relationships, but later they ended up failing, due to your typical relationship issues. A mail-order bride can actual help renew a mans faith in relationships. The culture barrier helps to introduce a new way of nurturing a relationship and creating excitement you would normally not be able to have from a local female off your online dating sites or local coffee shop. some hope of building a lasting relationship. Mail-order brides have been found to be very committed and dedicated to ensuring that their new relationship works.

4.The mail-order brides have especially helped women from Russia. It is said that Russia has a shortage of men, the distribution is approximately eight men for every ten women. Consequently, the Russian women are compelled to look for potential husbands from the West. If you like Russian women, maybe Mail Order Bride shopping should be on your to-do-list.

5. Parties involved in the mail order brides have two ways of meeting. One includes the selling of the female client’s contact information. The men and women involved are encouraged to correspond before the meeting. The agency can also organize social events in a foreign country to which men may travel and get to mingle with women of their choice. These are called the “Group tours” whereby men interested in going to a different country and get to meet hundreds of women in the social event. To sum it up its basically the perfect setup a decent looking guy to do shopping for model quality women in a foreign country. Sound good?

Mail-order bride is arguably the best way to find a potential partner compared to online dating (For obvious reasons). Online dating always comes with a misleading attraction. One will not be able to figure out the kind of attraction they are feeling when interacting online. Several factors may be leading to a deceptive appeal, some of these factors include chatting with someone online due to boredom. One might be lonely and needs someone to talk to and not to date. The point is that there is no chemistry of attraction between the two parties, both of them just need someone to have a chat.

Online dating has become more of an more untrustworthy method of dating through the years, with the increase of catfishing going on. Catfishing (pretending to be someone you aren’t) is happening so frequently that there is an MTV show based on these frauds pretending to be models. Who wants to be duped for years to find out your online girlfriend is actually a guy? or worse? We’d rather have an agency verify the photos are real and guarantee we are talking to the “right” woman. Mail order bride websites have their appeal and it wouldn’t hurt to check them out if you’ve tried everything else.

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