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New Girlfriend? Here are 7 Special Things You Could Do For Her

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If you have only recently formed a sexual relationship with a lady, you could be wondering what to do to help keep the early romantic sparks flowing.

Here are just a few examples of thoughtful things you could do in order to show your new girlfriend how much she means to you.

Create a playlist for her

Thanks to the prevalence of music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, it is quick and easy to put together a playlist.

You could do this for your girlfriend and fill the playlist with romantic songs that reflect how you feel about her.


Write her a letter 

Yes, a physical letter on actual paper. Given how often people communicate through digital means these days, giving your girlfriend a romantic message in this more traditional way can make a lasting impression.

The letter would also leave her with something to store in a drawer of keepsakes that remind her of you.

Be faithful 

This includes not staring at other girls while you are with your girlfriend, as she is bound to notice your wandering eye.

The Inspiring Tips website urges you not to “set yourself up for failure by spending time with someone you would otherwise be attracted to.” Instead, you should keep your eyes strictly on her and seek new ways to express your love for her. 

Ascertain her love language 

Mantelligence warns: “The ways you show each other that you love each other might be vastly different.” 

For example, while you might be keen on buying gifts for her, “she might really want you to help her with chores/work/homework… because that’s what will make her feel loved.” 

Make no mistake, she will likely still appreciate the gifts — they just might not be what she mainly wants from you.

Wear aftershave 

As the word ‘aftershave’ implies, this product is supposed to be used after a shave. Aftershave can assist in preventing bacterial or fungal infections that could result from inadvertent cuts in the skin.

Exposed Magazine notes: “Aftershave enhances your natural scent, but in a more pleasant way, which is great because our partners and loved ones are actually very much attracted to our natural scents.” That’s a good incentive for you to peruse men’s aftershave products online.

Make food for your girlfriend 

This could be dinner — which, of course, is a classic thing to make for a lover — or even just lunch. After all, it’s possible that no-one has made lunch for her since her childhood.

Making food — and including a love note with it — for your girlfriend can pleasantly surprise her and consequently keep you in her good books for a while to come.

Watch a TV show with her 

You and your partner can choose a show you are both capable of enjoying. Crucially, however, you should avoid actually watching that show yourself until you are in a position to do so with her.

This can prove a great bonding activity — even if the show itself isn’t intentionally romantic in tone.


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