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The day before the exam: how to spend it usefully

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If you have been lazy all semester, you can hardly expect to get an excellent score on an exam when it is only one day away.

If you are a diligent student and worked hard, attended lectures and seminars, performed all assignments, likely, your grade will not be different from what you got before.

Anyway, anxiety and tremors on the eve are common to both the first and second categories of students. The first either panic or mentally prepare for the fall retake. The latter are worried about the reputation of a good student and rush from topic to topic in fear, thinking that the information has irretrievably flown from their minds.

No one would argue that the day before an exam is one of the most stressful. How to spend it with the maximum benefit for the result and not to harm the nervous system?

Take it easy 

No matter how difficult it is to stay calm. You can be sure that by this time you have done everything possible and can influence the result to a very small degree.

Why? Because the teacher has already managed to figure out who in the group is studying, and who is fooling around.

Even if the loser at the exam unexpectedly performs on excellent, is unlikely to receive a high mark. The examiner will definitely suspect you are using special devices or cribs, and fail you with questions.

The situation with an excellent student is the opposite. If he suddenly drew an unlucky test and could not answer a high score, he is sure to be credited for his past achievements. In any case, there is no chance of retake.

So calm down: your fate has already been decided. You can relax and take a bubble bath.

Don’t try to cram, but reread some of the topics

Especially the most problematic ones. Do not blame yourself for not understanding something so far. It is a pointless activity. Relaxed reading increases the chance that you’ll be able to say something about the question that came up. You can engage your motor skills. Read and underline, highlight, and frame. This also refers to homework done with write my essay online service. This structures the information in your head. Visual accents always promote memorization.

Get creative

It’s more interesting. For example, imagine yourself as the host of a program on a subject. You are watched by an audience of millions, and you artistically read the text from the script (and not just prepare for another test of your knowledge).

How do artists manage to learn their lines so quickly? It’s not just professional memory and learned skills. They involve emotion. So try to do the same.

Imagine that you are a pro

Preparing for a math exam? Know that you are a great mathematician Literature? You’ve got a knack for it. A million thoughts in your head. Get into the role of a professional on this or that subject, and the right answers will come up. This approach is very encouraging and adds self-confidence. Be sure to try it out before your next exam.

Watch a video on the subject of your course

It will supplement and reinforce what you already know. You can find all sorts of things on Youtube, which is freely accessible. For example, if some exam questions seem unclear, look for a video with an easy-to-understand explanation. Sometimes all it takes is the right words for instant understanding.

Find time for rest

Never allow sleepless nights! This does not improve the situation. After all, a very important process – memory consolidation – takes place at night. This is when all the information from short-term memory is transferred to long-term memory. So it is better to read before going to bed and fall asleep when you want, rather than torturing your body with the strongest espresso.

Give yourself some physical activity

This will get your blood flowing and improve your metabolism, thereby increasing your performance. It’s boring to sit around all day, looking at a textbook. And if you periodically distract yourself by doing active exercises, the training process won’t seem so routine. By the way, the process of running or brisk walking noticeably improves your mood, and stress, on the contrary, comes to naught. This is ideal for getting into an ideal state of focus and self-confidence for the exam.

Spend the day outdoors

Of course, with a textbook and only if the weather conditions permit.

It is useful to be out in the fresh air. So go with all your notes to the park, make yourself comfortable and study! The day before an exam is just like any other day. You should not turn it into the worst day of your life and panic.


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