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When Sh!t Hits the Face

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The best way to clean feces off of you anywhere!

Let’s talk about sanitation. More specifically do-do, poop, number two’s, you know… human waste, the brown type. It’s a topic that’s often overlooked and let’s face it, under-cleaned. Over the years, mankind has evolved and developed to modern surroundings. The stone age is quite clearly a thing of the past, yet somehow, our sanitation procedures are just one tissue away.

Let’s say there’s sh!t on your face, don’t ask why, or how, there just is… and it stinks! Forget the fan, sh!t really and truly has hit the face! What would you do – would you really want to clean it off solely using dry tissue paper? Of course not – it would smudge, smear and leave sickening bacteria residue everywhere. So why is it deemed perfectly acceptable to solely use dry tissue paper as long as the sh!t is on another area of our body? That’s right, there’s no legitimate answer, it shouldn’t be acceptable!

Here’s the truth. Regular bathroom toilet roll has been proven to leave behind bacteria residue when used without liquid or additional antibacterial substance. Unless you’re happy walking around with sh!t rubbing between your cheeks, it’s worth paying attention to your backside hygiene.

Other common solutions to truly clean are the use of wet wipes or the bidet – but wet wipes actually cause more harm and bidets are just absent in most bathrooms in the U.S.

Let’s first talk about the ugly truth behind wet wipes. Wet wipes are popular for many commendable reasons, they offer a thorough clean beyond tissue paper, they smell great and finally they are ‘flushable’. But are they really? Well, if you pop a wet wipe into your toilet and hit the flush, in most circumstances you will see the wet wipe whirl away and you will believe that no harm has been done, right? Wrong. Although the wet wipe may have flushed away beyond eyesight, it does not necessarily mean that it will not get lodged further down the line and cause serious effects to pipework and the planet.

Beware of the wet wipe. Now more than ever, we are urged to be environmentally conscious and look after not just each other, but our planet. Regardless of whether the packaging claims ‘100% flushable’ or not, studies show that wet wipes can block, damage and rupture vital piping and waste disposal infrastructures. Wet wipes harden with grease and other cooking fats improperly sent down drains to form sometimes massive “fatbergs,” sending sewage backing up into basements and overflowing into streams and major waterways. Meaning that every time you flush a wet wipe down your toilet, you are one step closer to a hefty maintenance bill which will make you want to answer nature’s call all over again. But is there a solution to this? – It’s not like you can dump the wet wipes into your bathroom bin, the smell alone will make you want to reevaluate your whole life. Well, the answer is yes, there is a solution, and it couldn’t be any easier!

You may be wondering then, why are they labeled as ‘flushable’ if they really aren’t? A very good question by any means. The answer is simple, these companies are not restricted from doing so. As we mentioned, just because something is flushed beyond the toilet reservoir doesn’t necessarily mean that it will transition through the sewage system unscathed. Companies are not required to prove flushability and if forced to, many would fail. Furthermore, this is backed by a study conducted in Canada, for which 101 wipes were tested and 0 passed.

Now let’s talk about Bidet, a bathroom feature that’s commonplace all around Asia and Europe but has yet to gain traction here in the United States. Its main purpose is to well… basically wash your ass! The design allows you to squat or sit on the bidet and manually clean your royal jewels. Speaking of royals, funny enough the Brits shy away from bidets the same way Americans do. It’s difficult to pinpoint why some cultures and communities widely accept the bidet, whilst others choose to dismiss it. Well, here we take a closer look and try to identify why.

Although the absence of the bidet in the United States is a mystery, there have been many researchers that have drummed up theories to point towards a defining reason. Theorists such Harvey Molotch, a professor at NYU had this to say, “Because the fixture was a French invention, it was rejected by the English, and that sentiment drifted across the pond. During World War II, the Times notes, American soldiers saw bidets in European brothels, perpetuating the idea that bidets were somehow associated with immorality.”

Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t matter whether you choose to use a bidet or not. The issue is that bidets allow you to thoroughly clean yourself and maintain personal hygiene, without it many go unclean and dirty. Leading to the unpleasant experiences and ultimately, skid marks! There really is a need for a product to replace the benefits of a bidet and here we have it.

Introducing Poof! The clinically proven spray that turns your toilet paper into a refreshing biodegradable wet wipe. Leaving you clean, revitalized and wondering how you ever went about your business without it. Poof! bridges the gap between toilet friendly tissue paper and deep cleaning wet-wipes, allowing you to feel thoroughly cleaned without the fear of blocking/damaging vital piping infrastructures.

The problem is evident, the solution is clear. To be able to move away from blocked sewage lines, we as people will need to hold ourselves accountable for what we choose to flush down the toilet. There are many companies emerging that have proven flushability and offer products that rival the conventional wet wipe but ditch the limitations. One of which is Poof!, an up-and-coming brand that has created an innovative spray which turns safe conventional toilet paper into a moist and refreshing wet wipe. If you value your safety, health and financial security, think twice before you pick up a wet wipe the next time you’re in the bathroom aisle.

Join the movement. You’re not alone, many men around the world are taking the switch from using conventional dry toilet paper and wet wipes. Well-known celebrities such as Will Smith, Will.I.Am and Terrance Howard are all men who have voiced their opinions on the matter. Striving for a healthier, refreshing and more hygienic bathroom experience every time!

Antonio Chung


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