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Why are so many first-time home buyers heading to Bakersfield?

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Buying your first home is a life-changing experience, and it’s safe to say that once you’ve made that final decision and signed on the dotted line, your life will never be quite the same again. But with so many things to consider, places to view, and areas of the country to explore, it can also feel overwhelming sometimes.

California may be one of your main choices for somewhere to set up your life and buy a place. But when it comes to pricing or real estate opportunities, it can feel as if there’s nowhere in the state to turn. That’s where Bakersfield has become a hugely influential place for first-time buyers to explore.

As the Bakersfield listings on Compass are currently showing us, there’s a lot more to this underrated part of California than meets the eye. So, why are so many people heading over to this exciting real estate hub?

The weather in Bakersfield

Of course, as is the case with most of Southern California, you can expect some very dry summers and winters with very little rainfall when living in Bakersfield. With daily highs of around 91 degrees in peak summer months and 66 degrees during the winter months, it’s a true California dream for a fraction of the cost!

Business growth that shows no signs of slowing down

Bakersfield’s growing popularity has been helped by the arrival of huge companies like Amazon, which opened a fulfillment center in the city and boosted the overall economy. Businesses such as Allied Universal, Webster Bank, and Kern Medical are also a big part of what has caused this significant growth.

A premium location that’s near just about everywhere!

Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara are just a few of the places you can travel to in just a few hours from your Bakersfield home. But unlike the people who have rented or purchased a place there, you’ll get to leave whenever you like, and not have to endure the huge real estate prices that usually come with living in these areas.

A lower overall cost of living

First-time buyers are always looking to make the most of their budgets when it comes to purchasing a new house. And while many other parts of California may be more popular, Bakersfield residents can enjoy lower housing prices and a cheaper cost of living while still getting all of the benefits that come with life in The Golden State!

Education in Bakersfield

Every first-time buyer needs to think about what they want for their future in the new house they’ve purchased. For many of you, that means knowing what’s in store for the children you plan to raise in the area.

Bakersfield’s wonderfully broad range of educational opportunities is second to none, with over 33 elementary schools, 18 high school campuses, and 8 middle schools within the area. Whatsmore, adult learners eager to expand their career knowledge can have their pick of over 281 different colleges and universities.



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