The 6 Best Poker Training Sites

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Behind-The-Scenes: The Top Six Poker Training Sites Used by Players

The proliferation of poker, particularly Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7 Card Stud has ignited a frenzy of activity in the form of poker training sites. In fact, poker training is fast gaining traction as a reputable profession, with poker coaches and training programs now operational across the board. Poker training is essential for fine-tuning cash gameplay, and tournament poker (MTTs, SNGs, STTs, etc).

Hallmarks of Reputable Poker Training Sites

The Internet is awash with quality online poker training sites. The hallmark of a reputable training site is one which offers expert poker commentary, poker strategy, multimedia poker resources, poker training guides and poker tools. 888poker Magazine features a treasure trove of expert tips for players. This online poker training site covers new player topics, intermediate level topics and professional poker elements.  The comprehensive guide provides top-tier commentary on Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, SNAP, BLAST and Webcam poker games.


Instructional guides are available for installation, registration and gaming. Poker players across the spectrum can easily follow the training courses, since the platform is user-friendly and the content is easy to understand. For those seeking more technical expertise, 888poker Magazine is loaded up on insightful editorials and player commentary from poker aces like Matthew Cluff, Timothy Allin, Sean Chaffin and Chad Holloway. Poker players are always eager to gain an edge over their opponents and resources such as the 888poker Magazine are a great place to start.


Player Coaches Make their Mark

Nowadays, many expert players are turning to poker coaching by setting up poker training sites designed to help players improve their mental game. Poker training sites include automated software programs where players can put their tactics, strategies, and poker smarts to the test against machines. The best poker training sites include multimedia content like video guides, articles, expert insights, and simulations. Without further ado, let’s look at the top 6 best poker training sites!



1. Test Your Poker

This online poker training site is not a video poker training site; it provides a comprehensive poker education to help players improve and enhance their ring game play. It features a database of professional poker replays, comprising hundreds of thousands of member hands, and in-depth feedback. The 3-step process requires players to complete the following: 1 get a baseline reading with a poker IQ. 2 implement your training plan with a 30-page analysis document. 3 chart your progress with reassessment tests weekly.



2. PokerTracker4

PokerTracker4 is the latest version of this online poker training program’s software. Established in 2001, Poker Tracker has been going strong for over 17 years, and provides expert support and assistance for all aspects of the game. It includes information on pot limit betting, fixed limit betting, no limit betting, in addition to training for SNGs, MTTs, tournaments, cash games and more. Omaha high-low, Texas Hold’em and 7 Card Stud are the games of choice, and there are interactive gaming engines, reports, filters and modelling simulations to assist players. The poker software is supported on all the big-name poker sites, and PokerTracker4 (PT4) comes with a 30-day free trial.



3. Deuces Cracked

This Internet poker training program was created in 2007 by Joe Tall, Rob Cole and Chris Vitch among others. It is an instructional poker training site and online forum where poker strategy is discussed with aficionados of the game. Players can access a wide range of poker videos, to enhance their strategic gameplay. The database includes some 4000+ videos on playing poker, led by experts in the field. Deuces Cracked features poker videos, poker sites, poker strategy, and poker coaches, in addition to a nifty poker blog to help players interact with the community and learn from the maestros.



4. Ivey League

Few poker players can compete with his expertise. His name is Phil Ivey, and he is a legend of poker. Thanks to his many years in the game, Ivey has amassed a portfolio of poker professionals a.k.a. coaches who now share their expertise on this poker training platform. These include reputable superstars like Aaron Jones, and Patrick Antonius to name but a few. Players can easily learn to improve their poker game, understand the rules, strategy, and betting practices needed to succeed in all forms of poker, and with all bet sizes. Some of the leading poker coaches include Cole South, Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Myers, Daniel Schneider, Griffin Benger, Frank Calo, Paul Chen, Ronnie Bardah and Michael Leah. This site hasn’t updated any of the videos by leading pros like Phil Ivey, but it’s still a fabulous resource.



5. Advanced Poker Training

Back in 2007, two brothers – Steve and Alan Blay – launched Advanced Poker Training. It is rapidly become a must-consult poker training site for players. It features commentary by experts in the game such as Scotty Nguyen, and Mike Caro. APT is also a big proponent of virtual gameplay with poker players going up against online opponents in all forms of poker contests such as heads up encounters, 6-max, 9-max, MTTs, SNGs, and final table contests. The membership fee is about $40 per month, making it somewhat costly for novices, but certainly well worth the price if you’re looking to improve your game.



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