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40 Hottest Fitness Models to Follow on Instagram

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We’ve featured the hottest Instagram models to follow in the past and had many requests for the hottest fitness models as well. So, we decided to get our team out and run through the hundreds of thousands of fitness model profiles we could find and rank them for you. With some help from, here are the top 40 female fitness models to follow on Instagram!

 1. Daisy Keech


Followers: 3.2m

This 20-year-old influencer and fitness model from California has made a huge splash on Instagram. Her stunning, all-American look and petite figure have gained her endorsements with Fashion Nova Clothing, MANSCAPED, and Ko-Watches. She’s even posed in a photo with the famous DJ Marshmellow!

2. Taylor Kay


Followers: 1.1m

Are you looking to up your workout game? Then it’s time to follow English fitness model and qualified personal trainer, Taylor Kay! She loves posting exercise tips, follow-along videos of her workout routines, and reviews of the latest and trendiest workout clothing. Her account is sure to help you get the body of your dreams!

3. Elizabeth Zaks


Followers: 849k

A true health icon, Elizabeth Zaks is a sponsored fitness athlete, brand ambassador, and model. When the Florida resident isn’t vlogging about her workout routines, she’s showing off her toned physique in sexy bikini photos!

4. Sylvie Meis


Followers: 1.2m

You have to follow Sylvie Meis on Instagram! In addition to being a Dutch TV star, she was also named Netherland’s Sexiest Female of 2003. Now, she’s taken to social media to showcase her glamor shots and fit bod. A true entrepreneur, she’s also the owner of a German marketing agency and her own line of engagement rings.

5. Amelie Schröpfer


Followers: 322K

One of the hottest Instagram fitness models, Amelie Schröpfer has a true passion for fashion! Her feed features endless shots in her favorite swimwear, cute workout gear, and stunning day-to-day looks. Between her gorgeous figure, amazing photos, and inspiring outfits, you’ll definitely want to give this stunning German model a follow!

6. Pamela Reif


Followers: 4.7m

Another German beauty on our list, Pamela Reif uses Instagram to inspire her followers to reach their fitness goals. She loves posting both exercise videos and nutrition tips so her fans can take a well-rounded approach to their health. But Pamela isn’t just a top female fitness model—she’s also a published author. The success of her book on health and fitness has awarded her the title Fitness Influencer of the Year!

7. Evelina


Followers: 506k

Stay up-to-date on the latest fitness trends by giving Evelina a follow on Instagram. Her simple yet effective workouts are designed to be squeezed into even the busiest of schedules! She also loves sharing easy, delicious recipes to help you stay healthy even when you’re crunched on time.

8. Demi Rose


Followers: 13.6m

The first British model on our list, you won’t regret adding Demi Rose to your Instagram feed. Her career as a fitness model started by posing in sexy lingerie for international magazines. The hot 25-year-old continues to grow in popularity as she shows off her curvy figure on Instagram, and it’s clear she has no fear in front of the camera!

9. Yaslen Clemente


Followers: 1.6m


Yaslen Clemente is known for bringing sensuality to fitness. The Latina fitness model often poses in sultry shoots that showcase her undeniably toned bod at the gym, lounging by the pool, or on her way to a night out. If you want to add some sizzling photos to your feed, follow her now!

10. Bruna Rangel Lima


Followers: 3.6m

You won’t want to miss a single photo posted by Brazilian bombshell Bruna Rangel Lima! She most enjoys posing in steamy lingerie and loves documenting her time living in Los Angeles. Want to get a bod like hers? She also dishes out plenty of workout and nutrition tips!

11. Abby Rao


Followers: 1.5m

Abby Rao rose to Instagram stardom through her spicy swimsuit posts, she can often be seen posing with her adorable pet chihuahua for added cuteness. After being recruited to become an ambassador for Fashion Nova, she became even more dedicated to her passion for physical fitness. Fun fact, she’s also best friends with Daisy Keech, another of the hottest Instagram fitness models on our top 40 list!

12. Sommer Ray


Followers: 24.5m

Sommer Ray is the face of beauty and strength. She thrives as a fitness model thanks to her competitive nature and jaw-dropping looks. Not only has she won several bodybuilding competitions, but her perfect bikini bod and popularity have landed her swimwear campaigns and an appearance on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

13. Jena Frumes


Followers: 3.7m

Want to keep up with the exciting life of a sexy socialite? Then you’ll love Jena Frume’s Instagram account. If her drop-dead gorgeous looks weren’t enough, she also loves adventure and often surrounds herself with famous celebrities. Most recently, the successful fitness model posted a photo with her new beau, R&B singer Jason Derulo!

14. Guusje Van Geel


Followers: 381k

Another Dutch hottie on our list, there isn’t a day where 21-year-old Guusje Van Geel isn’t in the gym. Unlike mainstream fitness models, Guusje is proud to sport a look that’s muscular and toned rather than aiming for a body that’s simply “pretty and thin.” With rockin’ abs, a perfectly sculpted body, and a killer smile, she’ll make a fresh addition to your Instagram feed.

15. Katie Crewe


Followers: 1m

Katie Crewe has made a real impact in the mommy-fitness world! Although she was equally famous as a fitness model before her pregnancy, her account has recently been filled with workout routines that have helped her stay strong and toned while carrying her child. Now that her baby has been born, she plans to continue to document her fitness regime as a new mother!

16. Kelsey Wells


Followers: 2.8m

Certified NASM personal trainer, Kelsey Wells is sure to whip you into shape! If you want to see real results, her Instagram account features before-and-after photos of her super-satisfied clients, showing proof that her workouts will change your life! When you need health inspiration, she’s your girl.

17. Robin Gallant


Followers: 925k

A self-proclaimed “gym shark,” you’ll be happy to have this Canadian fitness star grace your Instagram feed. But don’t let her angelic looks fool you. Her dedication to maintaining a perfect bod has made her just as strong as she is beautiful!

18. Soph Allen


Followers: 296k

Seek advice for all things fitness from certified physical trainer and nutritional coach, Soph Allen. When this sultry and curvaceous beach babe isn’t posing in the gym, you can find her getting photographed on stunning shorelines. Follow this Australian beauty to discover some fantastic workout routines, gorgeous destinations, and her dedicated fitness lifestyle.

19. Anita Herbert


Followers: 2.2m

Anita Herbert is always up for a fitness challenge. She encourages her followers to participate in her booty, ab, and leg challenges to add some friendly competition to their workout routines. She’ll really make you want to push yourself to get a perfectly sculpted physique just like hers!

20. Dannielle Robertson


Followers: 973k

Dannielle Robertson is a natural beauty. The down-to-earth personal trainer and law student is all about building women up to love their bodies. Her exercises are designed for people of all fitness levels, and she even has her own brand of activewear!

21. Valentina Lequeux


Followers: 1.8m

Sexy, stunning, and insanely strong, Valentina Lequeux knows how to make a statement. Her gritty Instagram account will shock you with outstanding photos of her toned physique. Although she loves posing in her workout clothes, she’s often posting hot shots in her favorite bikinis!

22. Tammy Hembrow


Followers: 394k

This stunning 23-year-old’s claim to Instagram stardom began when she documented her fitness journey throughout her first pregnancy. Now, the proud mother of two enjoys sharing her ever-evolving athletic goals and eating habits with fans. She also serves as a dedicated fitness mentor!

23. Whitney Simmons


Followers: 3m

Join Whitney Simmons’s millions of Instagram followers to watch her unveil all of her fitness secrets. She balances a variety of hobbies. While working out is a top priority, she’s also the owner of Toluca Swim, has a fitness app called ALIVE, and is a sponsored athlete for Alani Nu and Gymshark.

24. Kim French


Followers: 750K

Mommy-fitness guru Kim French is an inspiration to new mothers everywhere! She provides guidance on finding time to fit in workouts even in the midst of motherhood. She also motivates followers to push on when losing stubborn baby weight gets tough. As you can see by her outstanding figure, hard work really pays off!

25. Ashleigh Jordan


Followers: 3.3m

If you’re looking for a top Instagram fitness model who offers any kind of workout program imaginable, Ashleigh Jordan is a must-follow. The young fitness enthusiast shares videos that target individual body parts as well as whole-body workouts. And if you want to lift some weights with your beau, she even has some fun couples exercises!

26. Linn Lowes


Followers: 1.2m

Linn Lowes is a proud cancer survivor and licensed personal trainer. Her battle with Lymphoma in 2014 shed light on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which has driven her to pursue her full-time fitness career. Her body is now in peak condition, and she absolutely loves showing it off!

27. Lisa


Followers: 1.9m

Lisa is dedicated to transforming people’s lives through fitness. Her app, STRONG&SXY™, features tailored nutrition plans and easy, on-the-go workouts that can be completed anywhere! The undeniably trim fitness model exudes confidence and is ready to help you reach the body of your dreams.

28. Stefanie Williams


Followers: 1.2m

You’ll love keeping up with the glamourous lifestyle of Stephanie “Stef” Williams. The London-based Instagram fitness model is often flitting around the city in the latest fashion trends. In addition to providing followers with great exercises, she also wows fans with her insanely perfect bod and unique adventures.

29. Johanna Oline Modin


Followers: 279k

Fun, flirty, and fit, Johanna Oline Modin is an awesome fitness follow! She is simply radiant, and her bubbly personality has earned the Swedish sweetheart thousands of fans. Scroll through her feed to find some great motivation to hit the gym!

30. Krissy Cela


Followers: 1.9m

Krissy Cela has so many fitness accomplishments under her belt. If creating her own Tone & Sculpt app and activewear brand weren’t enough, she’s also a published health author and serves as a sponsored athlete for Women’s Best. There’s really nothing she can’t do!

31. Sophie


Followers: 1.2m

When you’re ready to get serious about your fitness goals, you should give Sophie a follow. Her hardcore workouts aren’t for the faint of heart—but you can trust that you’ll see some serious gains. Plus, her adorable dog Loíe makes some featured appearances on her Instagram account, which is always a fun surprise!

32. Chanel Coco Brown


Followers: 545K

Lifestyle blogger and famous fitness model Chanel Coco Brown has dedicated her career to the fashion and cosmetic industry. She got her start as a commercial model in London, where she also appeared in numerous print ads, magazines, and runway shows. Now, her full-time commitment to health and fitness has led her to become an Instagram inspiration!

33. Sonia Isaza


Followers: 3m

Stephanie Sanzo is a diehard Columbian bodybuilder. Her commitment to strength, brash personality, and edgy looks have earned her millions of adoring fans! Think you can handle this feisty bombshell? Give her a follow to find out!

34. Stephanie Sanzo


Followers: 1.8m

Stephanie Sanzo has been dedicated to fitness modelling since 2013. Since then, her Instagram following has continued to grow, earning her millions of fans. People love looking to her as a strong, female figure who’s unafraid to put in the necessary, hard work to reach her goals.

35. Drea Thomas


Followers: 352K

A quick look at Drea Thomas’s Instagram account will show you that’s she’s all about authenticity. Her naturally beautiful looks paired with a genuine care for her followers is a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for someone who keeps it real, look no further than Drea!

36. Lauren Simpson


Followers: 1.8m

This smoking hot fitness model has quickly risen to Instagram stardom! Her platinum blonde hair, golden-brown tan, and pink clothing aesthetic make her reminiscent of a real-life Barbie. That is, if Barbie could squat nearly 70 pounds! Lauren Simpson is sure to spice up your feed.

37. Michie Peachie


Followers: 1m

Don’t let her cute name fool you—Michie Peachie means business! Not only has she been featured in top fitness magazines like Fitness Curves and Muscle and Fitness Hers, but she also has millions of dedicated fans who look to her for fashion, nutrition, and workout advice.

38. Alice Klomp


Followers: 1.6m

At first glance, Alice Klomp might remind you of the beautiful girl-next-door. However, this 21-year-old American beauty is an extremely successful fitness model with a seriously rockin’ bod! Follow her to get a glimpse into her life as a flirty fitness fanatic.

39. Savannah Prez


Followers: 729k

Savannah Prez is a 24-year-old Belgium bodybuilder. In 2015, she was crowned the BIFBB Belgian Bikini champion, which only further inspired her to pursue her career in strength training. On her account, you’ll find that she’s super proud of her muscular physique and has no plans on stopping her fitness journey!

40. Jordan


Followers: 130k

Jordan just became a new mom to twins—but you would never guess that based on her Instagram feed! She’s bounced right back into her usual fitness routine, allowing her to regain her petite, toned physique in seemingly no time. One of the sexiest moms you can follow on Instagram, you won’t want to miss a single photo posted by this stunning Instagram fitness model!



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