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Using Human Pheromone Sprays to Become an Attraction Magnet

Are human pheromone sprays the game changer you need? Is being a pheromones alpha male a myth? Ever wondered why some people are a magnet for the attention of other people, especially the opposite sex? It’s like there’s an irresistible force of attraction around them, right? Exactly! The truth is, regardless of the other factors responsible for such aura, the power of a good smell, like the type you get from a pheromone spray, is a list topper any day. But there’s a code to this because smells can alienate people from you just as much as drawing them.

Not to worry, this piece will show you how to find the right balance in choosing smells through the breakthrough of human pheromones and turn you into pheromone alpha male or female within your social circles, especially when it comes to attracting the opposite sex without much stress, as well as building personal confidence. But before we delve into the nitty-gritty of that, let me show you why this is necessary in the first place.

Attraction Is Everything

You’ll agree with me that everyone enjoys or craves having an attractive presence around other people, especially the opposite sex. The appeal of being a pheromones alpha male is exciting. Right? While some may downplay the importance of this basic instinct, it is a defining personality attribute for many when it comes to determining their quality of life. This is the reason why millions of dollars are spent annually on beauty products and bodybuilding/enhancements. Unfortunately, many don’t get the desired results. Why? There’s more to attraction and confidence building than having a great body, looking or smelling expensive!



The Secret of Highly Attractive People

As I have always stated, smell plays a vital role in all forms of human relationships, be it business or pleasure. No matter how sunny a person’s personality is, or how physically appealing their body is, how much attraction their aura exudes is down to the small detail of smell. Of course, most people know and use good perfumes already, but the problem is that colognes or sprays can alienate you from people just as much as they can boost your attraction aura around them.

The key to having a winning attraction formula, therefore, isn’t how much you can spend on expensive or assorted perfumes or scents, it is about being deliberate in the matter of getting the desired effect on your social circle. Especially when it comes to building the kind of appeal that makes striking sexual chords with the opposite sex a piece of cake. I guess you’d like that? Welcome to the world of human pheromone sprays!

The Attraction Magnet Called Human Pheromones

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in all insects, animals, and humans which have been proven to dictate sexual behavior. Similar to animals, human pheromones are naturally produced by our body and function as an attraction magnet to the opposite sex, amongst other functions. Pheromones are released through body fluids, like sweat, urine, saliva, semen and vaginal fluids. Studies, like those done at San Francisco State, have shown positive results with the most sex hormones being found in sweat.


How Human Pheromone Sprays Are Made

Human pheromones are secreted onto the skin through the Apocrine glands, also called scent glands. These glands are usually located in armpits and the groin area. Along with sweat odors and other secretions, the pheromones are released from the body and into the air. Other people inhale them through VNO (vomeronasal organ), and these molecules travel up the nasal passage to the brain where they connect and trigger different neurotransmitters. To make pheromone sprays, these natural chemicals are then harvested and carefully mixed to achieve different desired concentrations, sometimes with varying degrees of essential perfume oils.


Are There Tangible Benefits from Using Pheromone Sprays?

Beyond the proof of value which the body of medical research into the discovery of pheromones brings, the number of brands that have sprung up around it is compelling evidence of the difference the product can make for everyone who is interested in boosting their power of attraction and personal confidence in their social circles. The key benefits of using human pheromone sprays include:

  1. Enhancing your sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex
  2. You get to experience more smiles and eye contact from the opposite sex
  3. You feel a noticeable boost to your self-confidence
  4. The opposite sex will gravitate towards you easily
  5. Puts the opposite sex at ease and make them talk freely with you
  6. Provides a spark for your current relationship
  7. Increases your ability to get dates and more sex
  8. Improves your sex life overall because of better desire and response from your partner.



Getting The Best Results Using Human Pheromone Sprays

Now that it’s clear that good smell is a significant part of the secret of highly attractive and winsome people, you too can attract the opposite sex and build confidence by pheromone sprays. This certainly does make the scientific research behind the product very worthwhile. But you must understand that to achieve desired results from pheromones you must know how to use them right.


How to Use:

The following tips will help you get optimal benefits from the pheromones breakthrough:

  1. Where to Apply: The best places to apply pheromones include the neck, wrists, chest, forearms and behind the ears. Using multiple areas will give you the most results as your body will release more natural pheromones.
  2. What to Use with: Use unscented soap to maximize your exposure of pheromones.
  3. Get Social: After, all, said and done, you still have to step out to test the powers of your new attraction ‘charm.’ You don’t have to turn off your natural charm just because you want to see the magic of pheromone. No. Be your natural approachable and friendly self, and possibly be on your ‘charm’ offensive.
  4. How Much to Wear Per Time: The code is: “less is more” One to two sprays or dabs is usually all you need to utilize the powerful effects of human pheromones.
  5. Waiting Time: You should allow yourself time to see results. Two weeks. One month. Waiting could well mean meeting someone special!

How to Choose:

As a rule:

  1. Always choose a pheromone product with the highest pheromone concentration for the best results.
  2. Buy from a reputable manufacturer to ensure high quality and most effective ingredients.
  3. Look for 30-day money back guarantee to fully evaluate the effects of pheromones.


In the final analysis, while studies around the discovery of pheromones continue, one thing is clear: as long as there’s a social need for ways to achieve better attraction in human relationships the available clinical evidence is sufficient enough to conclude that everyone can become a pheromone alpha male or female by using human pheromone sprays.

To help you discover and understand the most common human pheromones in the market today, I recommend you visit, where you’ll find a detailed comparison chart for different pheromone spray brands.








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