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How to Know That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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All relationships hit a rocky patch at some point. As much as we’d like them to be easy and natural, the truth is they take work; especially when it comes to marriage. However, sometimes the difficulties you face aren’t down to normal differences and disagreements. Instead, they could be a sign you’re in a toxic relationship.

The trouble is, it can be difficult identifying a toxic relationship when you’re actually in one. If you’re wondering whether your marital problems are normal or whether they’re occurring because you’re in a toxic relationship, below you’ll discover the top signs to look out for.

They try to control you

One of the most obvious signs you’re in a toxic relationship is if your spouse tries to control any aspect of your life. It could be they try to or have successfully isolated you from your friends and family. Or, maybe they are controlling you financially?

This type of control usually develops slowly over time which is why it isn’t always easy to identify. It could start off with innocent sounding remarks about how there’s something a little off with your friends. You’ll also start to feel uneasy around your friends and family and you certainly won’t tell them what’s going on in your relationship. Nobody should feel controlled in a relationship, instead your spouse should support you.

You constantly feel worthless and unvalued

Toxic partners have a way of leaving you feeling worthless and unvalued. They often criticise you and put you down for your imperfections. Everyone has imperfections, but when you’re in a positive, healthy relationship, any criticism provided should come purely from a positive place. It should never leave you feeling worthless and unvalued.

If you find yourself feeling worthless in your relationship, it’s time to call in a divorce attorney right away!

You’ve lost yourself in the relationship

We all change over time, it’s a natural part of life. However, usually these changes are positive, making us a better version of ourselves. If you don’t recognise yourself anymore or you feel totally lost in life, it’s a serious red flag that you’re in a toxic relationship.

You’ll also find yourself feeling like you can’t do or say anything right. Whatever you do never seems to be good enough and you end up tiptoeing around your spouse most of the time.

If you recognise any of the above signs in your relationship or marriage, it’s time to get out! Relationships of any kind are supposed to make you happy, positive and strengthen who you are as a person. So, if you constantly feel worthless, unvalued and tiptoeing around your spouse, it’s not healthy and you absolutely deserve better.




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