8 Great Ways To Rejuvenate Your Brand This Year

No matter how well your business was doing before the pandemic, it’s almost certain that your company struggled in 2020. Or at the very least, its revenue fell short of the figure you had originally predicted. Unless, of course, you’re Amazon – in which case, you probably don’t need to read this post.

For everyone else, though, finding ways to inject fresh energy into the company is vital. Here are eight simple rebranding strategies that will put you on the path to success. In turn, you can regain the momentum that was lost due to Covid-19. Here we go.

Invest in your team

Whichever way you look at things, it’s likely that your personal interactions with clients will be fairly limited. In most cases, employees ranging from receptionists to sales staff will be responsible for keeping clients happy. It makes sense to pay them more attention.

First and foremost, you may need to recruit new employees for your marketing or sales teams. You also want them to make the best impression and create consistency across the brand. Staff uniforms, accessories, and sales scripts are some examples that may help.

Crucially, you need all employees to stay on top of the latest developments. Ongoing skills development and training will serve you well. Furthermore, you can implement performance-based rewards and commissions. This will incentivize staff members to do better.

Let customers find you

Consumers like to feel that they’ve discovered a brand rather than be sucked in by relentless marketing. Moreover, they now spend more time online than ever before while over 80% of people will conduct online research before buying goods. Be sure that they find yours.

After all, it’s impossible to make a big impression if people aren’t even aware of the brand’s existence. Given that over 93% of online interactions start on search engines, you must place added emphasis on SEO. This extends to your Google My Business listing.

The traffic that comes from people that are actively looking for products like yours is more valuable. They are actively in the process of considering a purchase at some stage in the near future. Therefore, the conversions are far greater than when you reach out to them.

Incorporate visual content

When prospective clients interact with your brand, engagement levels are pivotal. As such, the content should be convenient, informative, entertaining, and memorable. People retain 90% of video content compared to 10% of text content. You must incorporate it ASAP.

The visual content needs to actually make an impact, though. Choosing a Mavic Mini will allow you to create far more interesting video content with fresh angles. Whether it’s a commercial, an explainer video, or something else doesn’t matter. The rewards are huge.

Visual content is a great way to increase engagement across social media. Infographics can be used to get points across in a powerful way too. In addition to boosting the engagement levels, it can remove hurdles for non-native English speaking guests.

Revamp your designs

From store designs to website construction, your business has only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Whether trying to win back old clients after the pandemic or impress new visitors doesn’t matter. Something fresh and exciting can set the right tone.

For starters, you’ll want to consider modernizing your logos and color schemes. Meanwhile, new website layouts or brick and mortar storefronts are ideal. The right steps can deliver the wow factor that makes people take note. In turn, the likelihood of sales improves.

There are many ways in which you can use the rebrand to grow excitement. A countdown to the big reveal is a great option. Likewise, you may find that this is the perfect time to launch new promotional items to create a memorable business for 2021 and beyond.

Interact with customers

When consumers actively participate and engage with a company, there is a far better chance that they will use the brand. You can get them involved in an array of methods, and is one of the smartest ways to keep your brand fresh in their minds at all times.

The interactions can occur online or offline. Social media polls and conversation offer a great starting point. Meanwhile, you can look to send surveys to get their views about what they love or would improve. However, you must be sure to actually take note of their insight.

Interactions with customers can also take the form of inviting them to VIP events or hosting special virtual events. Whether it’s giving some insight about your products or the brand as a whole, this can crank up the excitement. In turn, you will see transaction frequency grow.

Focus on personal resonation

Building on the concept of regular interactions, you must ensure that the brand strikes a chord. Whether you have a small niche or a more generic audience doesn’t matter. You need individual clients to feel that the business is aimed at them. Or else, problems will show.

There should be a significant focus on building trust. It can be gained through a combination of gaining reviews, using personalized communications, and being a fair company. This could mean using clear returns policies or setting out better Ts and Cs.

Thanks to automated tech, you can now build strong relationships by saving past purchases and conversations. Even when your clients deal with multiple staff members over time, consistency will prevail. As such, they will feel more valued and respond in style.

Launch a new store

Launching a secondary store for your business could be the key to taking it to the next level. While it won’t work for everyone, it’s certainly something you should consider. If you do not wish to manage the store, you can always look at franchising the company instead.

When starting a new store, though, you have many options. An online platform like Etsy can be very useful for reaching a new audience. For brick and mortar options, why not try a pop-up. A converted shipping container is just one of many examples.

Whether it’s a direct replica of the flagship store or a spin-off sister store under the same umbrella brand is up to you. Either way, combining the new endeavor with the desire to gain PR and media coverage will take the results to new heights.


It’s one thing to tell clients about all the things that make your brand great. However, there is a chance that at least some of those words will fall on deaf ears. Therefore, you should actively try to collaborate with other people. Their words can carry great weight.

The options are plentiful. Perhaps the easiest option is to use an affiliate scheme that encourages clients to bring new business through your door. In today’s climate, teaming up with social influencers is the best option. Especially if their audience is similar to yours.

Traditional partnerships with other SMEs can be another way to grow a bigger audience than before. Leveraging success through your network of contacts can work wonders. It creates a new source of energy among old customers while attracting new ones in the process.

The Final Word

Good branding alone won’t guarantee success for the business. However, it will go a long way to gaining the desired reactions from your customers. Whether you need to get your brand back on track after a difficult year, or you’re about to launch a new firm doesn’t matter. Mastering this process will make the journey ahead feel a whole lot smoother.


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