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Bright Future: How Remote Working May Be Making Happier Employees

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It’s not a secret that most American employees are unhappy with their jobs.

There are many reasons for this unhappiness, like the fact that many employers don’t pay enough to keep up with inflation. This is just one reason people seem to be unhappy with their jobs.

What’s interesting is that many of those issues might get addressed, and they’re being addressed by the remote work revolution. The following will highlight some ways remote working might boost employee happiness and satisfaction.

Better Work-Life Balance

One obvious reason why many employees seem to be happier with this type of work is that their work-life balance is dramatically improved. Folks don’t have to leave their homes to work.

They can enjoy all the things they love about being at home, like their comfortable blankets and that perfect temperature that office buildings can never get right.

Employees felt like they were mostly working and hardly enjoying their lives. This would depress anyone, and it has. This remote work revolution is changing that a bit. It gives employees back control over their lives. It’s offering flexible hours that are helping them enjoy life a bit more.

More Time With Family

Another reason remote workers seem to be happier is that they get to see their families a bit more. While they’re working, they can’t tend to their families, but that doesn’t mean being home doesn’t make them happier.

While working, they’re doing their jobs. Their employers are seeing that through tools for remote work monitoring, but they can still hear their kids. As a parent, that’s a big deal.

When you’re at work, you don’t know what’s happening at home. If something serious happens, parents are home and can quickly react. That kind of peace of mind is priceless, and it’s a reason parents will be happier with their workplace.

Greater Chance of Personal Growth

Employee retention has been bad for some time. Employees weren’t happy and kept moving on to better jobs, never quite finding the right place. The remote work model is changing that.

Employees are happy with their freedom and ability to create a better work/life schedule. Since these employees are staying in their positions longer, there’s a chance for personal and professional growth.

There’s a chance for them to learn the ropes and help small companies avoid startup mistakes. They are proud to be a part of the team. Promotions are finally possible because these folks have a reason to stay put and focus. A major accomplishment, like a promotion, will make employees happier.

Chance to Improve Finances

Gasoline prices continue to rise. People are paying a lot to travel to and from work. The average American spends nearly $2,000 on gas per year. That’s a lot of cash, and most of it is probably going towards getting to and from work.

While employees would be much happier if salaries and wages kept up with inflation, being able to eliminate or drastically reduce travel costs is still a big deal. It’s not only that employees will be saving on gas. The wear and tear on their vehicles will be less since they aren’t using their vehicles much.

If something is wrong with their car, they don’t have to worry about fixing it quickly. This gives folks a chance to look for a good deal and save on repairs. Employees with better control of their finances will be much happier. Employers will be surprised how much financial stress can affect productivity.

Freedom is Redefined

For a long time, workers felt trapped by their jobs. They couldn’t visit family in other states often because they had to worry about coming back to work on Monday. A weekend simply is too short for a long-distance trip.

Remote work allows employees to live differently. People don’t have to stay in their hometowns. They can travel and stay elsewhere for days, weeks, or even months. People can move to other states or rural communities where the cost of living is better.

They can make these sorts of moves without the fear of losing their jobs. This is all because they can work from their computers, no matter where they happen to be. This kind of freedom gives employees a new sense of happiness they simply didn’t have before.

When everything is laid out this way, it’s easy to see why many remote workers are going to feel much happier. A good and happy workforce is going to produce better results for businesses across the board, and that’s good for everyone.


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