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Dispersed Camping: What You Need To Know?

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When it comes to camping, there are usually two types. One is camping in reserved campsites like national parks. The second one, on the other hand, is going dense in the forest and doing your own camping.

In fact, ever heard of the term free camping? Or, seeing pictures with stunning views with no one around? That’s what dispersed camping is. It’s a quick way to get the best of the wild and save your bucks, which you would have spent to reserve a designated campsite.

So if you ever feel like satiating the adventurous kid inside you and camping in a place with absolutely no one else, reading the article might be worth it. Read on to discover the perks of dispersed camping and how to stay safe.

An Overview On Dispersed Camping

More popularly known as free camping, dispersed camping is like a conventional camping expedition where you camp in public areas with no amenities. So, no bathrooms, rest areas or a front desk to help you out. And, while this seems a little scary, isn’t camping all about that?


And, if you are a pro at van camping, we bet you would like to take a break from those usual, modern campsites and taste a little bit of adventure on your own.

Backing back, dispersed camping does have certain areas built especially for this purpose. You can park your camper vans for sale Colorado there and go free. The only difference is you won’t have anything or anyone to help you with. You would have to gather your own supplies or bring them, and fend for yourself. 

Why Dispersed Camping?

Here’s why dispersed camping is a good idea.


Stating again, dispersed sites are usually free or really cheap. While it’s true that your $20-$30 in a National Park goes for a good cause, it can actually add up once you start visiting it too often.


There’s no denying that reserved campsites with a lot of people and loud music can kill the whole feeling of camping and enjoying nature. That’s exactly why you need to go van camping at a dispersed site.


Yes, things can be challenging when you have no one to help you, or you are all out on your own. Moreover, dispersed camping might not be good for everyone, but it might actually be great for you. You get to explore real nature and enjoy the dazzling starry sky without any strangers roaming around.

Where Can I Camp My Campers Van?

When dispersed camping, you can camp in a lot of spaces. However, there are sites you are not legally allowed to park. So, to make things easy for you, here are our top favorite dispersed campsites.

Grasslands and National Forests

All the national forests and grasslands are managed by the United States Forest Service. This means you can park or camp anywhere in this area, unless there’s a sign saying not to park.

Bureau of Land Management Land

BLM offers land for camping purposes in a lot of areas. Just do a little research, and you can camp anywhere for free.

Wildlife Management Areas

If the first two are out of options, you can camp in a wildlife management area. But, it’s the least popular option because the rules for camping vary from state to state. Moreover, you would also have to follow strict rules and stay clear of the wildlife to stay safe.

Is Dispersed Camping Right For You

Truly speaking, it’s a great option for anyone. If you want to observe nature in its purest form and want absolutely zero hindrances, dispersed camping in a camper van can be a lot of fun. You get to spend some time with your people, admire the dazzling views and feel fresh air all around you. Just keep in mind the rules for camping, and you’ll be all set. 


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