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Meet the Mindset Coach Helping Executives Train Their Minds Like Athletes in Jeff Meyer, Founder of Alpha Flow Executive

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Jeff Meyer is a former men’s basketball coach with over 30 years of experience. He has collectively and positively impacted the lives of more than 2,000 student-athletes during his time at Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado and five-different high schools.

His expertise stretches far beyond collegiate and high school athletics, however, as he has also served numerous professional and olympic athletes, as well as entire teams and squads.

An expert in brain health and HeartMath, Meyer also founded Alpha Flow Executive, which he pairs with Alpha Flow Athletics, in helping c-level executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve ‘Flow State’. In turn, they are developing optimal mindsets and achieving better versions of themselves, both professionally and personally.

With Alpha Flow Executive he is guiding clients at Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as seasoned and new business professionals and owners.

For Meyer, who navigated college living in a 600 sq ft apartment with his wife and three children, earning a bachelor’s in social psychological kinesiology, as well as a master’s in pedagogy, there is no better person for companies to enlist than him. He can speak, firsthand, to the hardships and exhaustive mental weight that is associated with ‘running the show’.

Meyer teaches clients to clear their minds and then zero in on the root causes of their self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. He does this utilizing a series of exercises, both physical and mental, which includes neuroscience techniques, to help them achieve clarity.

His signature program is called the Alpha Flow Performance Executive Series. Results find clients having enhanced their productivity, achieving goals at a higher rate and both finding and maintaining a more blissful significance in their lives.

“When someone has reached an optimal state of flow, that is when they perform at their best,” Meyer stated. “About 77% of our daily thoughts are self-defeating, so when we can find focus and clarity, understanding our thoughts, we can avoid going down the wrong paths.”

Alpha Flow Performance Executive Series

Meyer is on a mission with his signature coaching program to help executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals make significant shifts in their underlying issues, conquer the distractions and negative thoughts, while ultimately finding balance and wellbeing.

The goal for Meyer is to help clients stop feeling stressed, anxious and depressed, or ‘SAD’. Oftentimes, these feelings are the result of clients feeling a disconnect with family members, friends or employees, feeling the pressure of outside influence or negative feedback, flights of burnout due to overworking and much more.

“The goal in joining the program is for clients to use ‘Flow State’ to sharpen individual performance, triple productivity and reach goals in record time,” said Meyer. “We all have thoughts running through our minds, 24/7, and if we begin to control them, our peers and employees will notice our internal wellbeing, our renewed confidence and freedom and want to follow our lead.”

By tapping into their own minds, via the tutelage of Meyer, clients reach their full potential and highest performance capabilities. Results equal out to adapting better to adversity and, in time, fulfilling oneself with having reached ‘Flow State’.

When clients achieve a state of flow, they are more prone to perform at astonishing levels. In this positive and productive mental state, clients can see a 500% increase in skill acquisition while their brains run at 1,000x their processing power.

“There are four phases and 22 triggers that can help us get into our states of flow,” said Meyer. “When it comes to struggling, embrace it and dive in. Have a clear goal for yourself. Once our prefrontal cortex clicks off, we are then in the zone. As a result, a superhuman cocktail begins stirring in us and we become recession proof — the ultimate competitive advantage.”

About Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer, a lifetime sports coach, has worked with well known professional and Olympic athletes to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Executives, and Universities. To learn more about Alpha Flow Executive, please visit


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