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What makes online gambling apps so much better than web-based platforms?

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If you enjoy gambling, especially on the go, it’s never been easier than today. With a whole host of apps and gambling platforms available, you can play wherever in the world you are. 

For decades, web-based gambling has been at the forefront of preferred platforms for customers. Offering security, a whole host of various games, and online chat features, it’s no wonder that gambling websites were the hub of activity. But with the evolution of technology, things are changing rapidly. More and more customers are download gambling apps of their choice and with very good reason. 

Phones are constantly evolving and the level of technology on these small devices is incredible. We’re essentially walking around with mini, high tech gadgets in our pockets, ready to be used whenever and wherever we like. The graphics are extremely realistic, offering the user an incredible gaming experience, which in turn, will encourage more use and recommendations to others to download these gambling apps. It’s also true that the screen size of phones today is much bigger meaning an even greater experience to enjoy and appreciate the graphics used. Other aspects that must be considered when creating an app is that the speed is good, that there is no or as little interruption as possible from advertising, and that the images fit the screen well. 

Cost is also a factor. For a customer, data charges are fairly favorable when compared with the cost of an internet connection at home. It’s also a lot faster to secure and use data than arranging an electrician to come to your home to install the connection.

Some casino providers allow gamers to continue playing their games on phones from the desktop version when out and about. Of course, this depends on the amount of time and dedication the casino has decided to invest in an app version of the games, however, more and more companies are understanding how detrimental this is becoming to customers who do enjoy and want to gamble whilst on the go. With this in mind, quality should not be compromised and the same level of design should be carried through to the app. It’s also worth considering a chat option to ensure that if there are any issues, they can be fixed very easily and quickly. 

In terms of quality and experience of using the game, it does depend on the type of phone the customer has. Download and upload speeds should be considered as well as the network the customer has. For example, playing on an old Samsung Galaxy device will not offer the same level of high quality and experience when downloading to the new iPhone 7. From a developer’s point of view, creating a casino game for an app should be more basic than designing a game for a console such as an Xbox or PlayStation due to how realistic they need to be however, care should still be taken to ensure a high-quality experience for customers. Developers should put in a good level of effort to ensure as many downloads as possible. With this in mind, a simple slots game will be much simpler to create than a high-quality, first-person game – these can be quite taxing to a phone. 

A smaller but relevant point to also consider is battery life. Yes, a computer or laptop can be easily plugged into the mains to ensure consistent batter life for playing however, if the computer is not plugged in, it would likely drain the battery very quickly. This would also be the case with a phone app, but with a phone, it’s easier to make adjustments to prolong the battery life.

Some mobile casinos only offer a limited number of games that are available to access. This may affect a customer’s preference to download, especially if it is a smaller, more unknown casino. This may also have an effect on the sums of money on offer. Large casinos normally ensure that they have a wide range of games available across their app and desktop version so that the customer is happy to spend time and money on the app. Consistency is very important, especially if the app offers a continuation of play across the devices. 

Bonuses are also a great consideration for customers and developers alike. Mobile gaming is still quite new to the industry and with this in mind, many casinos are offering good bonuses to encourage customers to download. 

Registering and playing from a mobile device may allow the customer more free spins, or there may be an option to play for real cash without the need for a deposit. It’s also a lot easier and faster for players to transfer money by phone, again, making an app preferable in terms of speed and convenience. When playing on a mobile, there are several ways to pay, including registering a credit or debit card, an eWallet or even cryptocurrencies. Using these methods provides security and ease especially when making withdrawals and deposits. Regardless of where a customer is, they can enjoy gambling responsibly.

Of course, these apps aren’t limited to gaming. More casinos are offering sports betting via apps meaning that in-play betting has never been easier. This means that during a match or live event, customers can enjoy great excitement as they can make predictions immediately during the event. This excitement is big business for providers as it’s known that customers like to be as close to the action as possible. App users will also be notified via a text message or push notification when a specific event or match is due to take place to encourage the customer to play along. The app uses specific team knowledge and statistics to ensure the customer is well informed before placing their bets, again, encouraging interaction and use. 

The final point when discussing whether gambling apps are better than desktop gambling is privacy. Probably the most important point, gambling on your phone allows you to gamble comfortably wherever you like without worrying about the amount of time spent on that particular game. Most casino gambling apps also collect information such as your personal details, the amount of time spent on the app, your preferences and encourage you to read the company terms and conditions before creating the account. Your IP address and cookies will also be collected to make sure that you’re protected as best as possible. To be sure, only play on popular and trusted Casino Apps like those listed on There you will find a quick overview of the benefits of each Casino-App and also find links to in-depth reviews.

The gaming experience on both an app and a desktop version should be similar across the board – however, if customers are looking for a great gaming experience that can be accessed wherever they are in the world, then an app version of a game would certainly be the preferred option. It is no secret that we are all spending so much more time on our phones than on a desktop and so it is beneficial for both the casinos and customers to seriously consider app gaming. Customers are able to benefit from even more privacy, quality and bonuses and casinos will benefit from even more customers who are enjoying the gambling experience wherever and whenever they like.


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