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How Private Cannabis Breeders Can Enter the American Autoflower Cup

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Are you a private cannabis breeder eager for a chance to showcase your discoveries and accomplishments in the field of autoflower genetics?

If so, the American Autoflower Cup in Los Angeles, California might be the event you’ve been waiting for. 

The American Autoflower Cup is an annual competition and showcase for autoflowering cannabis strains founded by documentary filmmaker, journalist, and cannabis industry stalwart Jeremy Norrie. It is notable for being one of the few events that focuses on cannabis bred to automatically flower after a set period of time, as opposed to a reduction in light. The American Autoflower Cup follows in the footsteps of international autoflower competitions such as the Autoflower World Cup in Barcelona, Spain, which has been held since 2021. The first American Autoflower Cup was held in 2023, making it the first domestic competition dedicated solely to autoflowering cannabis in the United States. 

At the event, which was held in January, independent breeders Ryan Gageby and Dereck San Miguel and the autoflower breeding collective Mephisto Genetics took home the gold. Gageby was the first-place winner in the Best Sativa category for his strain named Strawberry Gorilla Auto, known for its strong strawberry flavor. In the Best Indica category, San Miguel captured the judges’ attention with the Banana Purple Punch Auto strain, which became known for providing 26% THC in every hit. Mephisto Genetics was awarded the title of Best Autoflower Breeder/Best Seed Bank for its highly unique and imaginative strains, which crossbreed photoperiod seeds with autoflower, creating feminized autoflower seeds that have become fan favorites.

Respected cannabis industry thought leaders such as Jenny Beth, Sincerely Cali, and Joey Burger served as the event’s judges. The submitted strains were judged based on criteria such as appearance, aroma, and taste and given a rating based on the quality of a judge’s overall experience smoking them. Cannabis testing labs such as Encore Labs and Leafworks ensure that the strains submitted for review fit the requirements and are safe for consumption. The strains that do not stand up to rigorous testing are disqualified from the competition. During this year’s American Autoflower Cup, five entrants were disqualified from the competition, so if you’re planning to enter the competition, be sure your strains adhere to the provided guidelines.

The general guidelines for the American Autoflower Cup require entrants to divide their 20-gram samples into 20 individual 1-gram portions. The samples must also be trimmed and free from any pests or mold. The American Autoflower Cup’s website also specifies that the samples should be delivered in person or through a representative to Los Angeles. Registration is open both to individual breeders and to seed banks and cannabis associations. You can view the signup form at the event’s website, 

The next American Autoflower Cup is scheduled for February 2024 and will feature cannabis industry veterans such as Blazin’ Skywalker, Haylo Autoflower, and Juvar from Dusa Farms as judges. In addition to its competitive aspects, it will also feature other events celebrating cannabis culture, such as seminars and workshops.


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