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Do CBD Gummies Help with Pain? 5 Reasons Why

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Is it true that CBD gummies help with pain and inflammation?

If so, why? In this guide, we’ll discuss five of the most compelling reasons that people think CBD gummies might help with pain. Along the way, we’ll learn more about CBD and the best ways to try CBD gummies for pain relief.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are the most popular type of edible CBD product. They usually resemble candy both in flavor and appearance, but they’re made with simple, natural ingredients like pectin and tapioca syrup.

Varying both in dosage and in the type of CBD they contain, CBD gummies also differ in the quality of their ingredients and the safety of their CBD extract. Doing your own research is important when selecting CBD gummies since comprehensive regulation of the hemp industry does not yet exist.

How Do CBD Gummies Help with Pain?

If it’s true that CBD gummies are good for pain, how do they work? We’ll discuss five of the factors that contribute to this cannabinoid’s apparent usefulness against pain below:

1. Reduced Feelings of Pain

Research suggests that CBD sometimes helps people feel less pain. The process of experiencing pain is complicated, and it involves both the pain-causing event and the brain’s reaction to it. Essentially, it seems CBD may have some capacity to limit the brain’s reaction to pain in addition to any other pain-fighting properties it might possess.

2. Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of pain, though not all kinds of pain are inflammatory in nature. Many (if not all) diseases are also either caused or worsened by inflammation, making reliable anti-inflammatory substances very valuable in the field of medical science.

Recently, it has come out that CBD and certain other similar cannabinoids may have considerable potential to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, a similar phenomenon. The exact extent to which CBD might be useful for inflammation remains to be determined, but research is ongoing.

3. Reduced Intake of Other Pain Medication

As scientists determine the usefulness of substances for pain, they examine both the substance’s ability to fight pain on its own and its ability to help patients use lower doses of existing pain medications. Despite initially being billed as safe and non-addictive, opioid pain treatments have been revealed as having considerable side effects, making reduction of opioid intake a major priority of pain management practitioners and researchers.

Both anecdotal testimony and scientific research strongly support the idea that CBD might be able to help people significantly reduce the volume of opioid medication they consume. Even if CBD isn’t always enough to eradicate pain on its own, it may still be able to reduce the harm done by opioid pain treatment.

4. All-Natural and Mild

CBD should be considered seriously as a pain treatment simply because it does not have any serious side effects. Cases of cannabis allergy are very rare but do sometimes occur. Otherwise, though, CBD causes — at most — mild digestive disturbance and sleepiness.

Especially when offered in the form of gummies, CBD is a very mild treatment that does not require around-the-clock observation or inpatient care. Like any drug, CBD may not always provide the desired results. With CBD, though, the potential risks of trying to achieve those results are minimal.

5. Non-Intoxicating

One of the most significant issues with using opioids as a pain treatment is the intoxication they cause. THC also causes intoxication, making CBD an excellent alternative since it does not have any intoxicating properties whatsoever. No matter how much you take, CBD will never make you high.

Instead, the cannabinoid provides a mild sense of relaxation that often borders on sleepiness. For those who don’t want to get high while they fight pain, CBD is an excellent choice.

The Bottom Line: Do CBD Gummies Work for Pain?

As we’ve demonstrated above, there’s plenty of reason to believe that CBD gummies might be an excellent choice for pain. CBD appears to have considerable potential as a pain treatment, and gummies make taking CBD simple and convenient.

We’ll leave you with a closing thought. Since the industry remains largely unregulated, it’s very important to choose your CBD gummies wisely. Prefer broad-spectrum or full-spectrum gummies containing CBD extracted using CO2. Terpenes are a big bonus since they contribute to the entourage effect.

If you have any questions about a CBD gummy company’s legitimacy, check for customer reviews on their website. It’s even better if a company has reviews on external sites. Buy wisely, and enjoy the benefits that CBD has to offer in the fight against pain.


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