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Brooke Mason Creative The New Definition of Creative Agency

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Brooke Mason Creative is the brainchild and natural extension of Brooke Mason herself. A one stop wealth of creativity and beauty, Brooke is gifted with the “creative eye”, a skill that made her a world renowned photographer, and now makes her the genius that brands of all sizes turn to for their identities.

Brooke began and ran four successful companies before starting Brooke Mason Creative. An experienced innovator she began creating at a very young age. Brooke Mason has been a celebrity photographer and an art director, achieving great things in both illustrious careers, before starting this new business which utilizes all her many talents simultaneously.

Although extremely capable herself, Brooke knows that two heads are better than one, so she brought a team of them together, to become the very best. To establish what is now this ever-growing organization, she has surrounded herself with an ingenious team of skilled designers, web developers, content creators and more.


Brooke Mason Creative handles all branding and content needs for their clients. The world is changing and we all need more unique fresh innovative content to keep our audience engaged  Equipped to handle everything from the social media output, to a complete reimagining of your entire company identity or outward persona with logo, website, advertising and more. Brooke’s team will create an intricate plan including the story behind your brand, its color palette, its tastes, its vision. Then with incredible execution Brooke’s company will take your vision from obscurity, to its ideal positioning in the world, with a 360 degree perfected appearance.

Brooke realized that the normally restrictive pricing of other creative agency’s was an issue for the local small business owner so she created a new business HUDDLE, an option for every budget. The top level skills normally only on offer to the 1%, are now available for everyone who needs their help. Based in Los Angeles, Brooke Mason Creative and now HUDDLE is quickly taking over and reinventing what a “creative agency” means.

Breaking down boundaries and inspiring innovation, Brooke Mason is the new generation of creative agency, plus with her lilting Australian accent and winning smile, Brooke’s a joy to work with in every aspect.


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