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Must-Have Mods for your 2021 Mustang GT

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Did you know that according to SEMA, car enthusiasts between the age of 16 and 24, spend an average of 7.2 billion dollars modifying their cars? These values show how important the car modification game is for the economy and how much demand there is for the latest car modifying technology!

There is nothing better than an upgrade on your spectacular Mustang. Check out our latest blog post for the must-have mods for your 2021 Mustang GT!

Braking Power

First things first and if you are going to be modifying your 2021 Mustang GT, without a doubt, the best place to start is with the brakes and by adding more stopping power.

The Mustang and the EcoBoost, have an optional GT package from the factory that comes fitted with larger front, rear rotors, and calipers. The GT option is already well set up in the brake department but you can add a set of higher-end pads that can handle more heat if you so wish.

Free Flowed Exhaust

The second step in setting your Mustang free is to change the exhaust system. This can be done by either changing the standard muffler only which would change the grunt coming from the engine but won’t do anything for performance.

If you want the most out of the exhaust system then opt for a full stainless steel system that replaces the entire exhaust from the header onwards. This will remove the catalytic converter, add power, and sound amazing.

Cold Air Intake

For combustion to occur, your engine needs a mixture of fuel and air but for the best results and increasing horsepower, the colder the air the better. A cold air intake replaces the factory airbox with an upgraded box designed to suck in all that precious cold air that your engine craves.

Combining a cold air intake with an aftermarket exhaust, you will see an increase of power between 15 and 20 HP, which might not sound like lots but it does make a big difference.

2021 Mustang GT Aftermarket Tuning

Now that you know that your engine is getting all the cold air it needs you will need to take it to a speed shop and get the vehicle dyno-tuned. A dyno will sort out the air/fuel ratio and make sure the engine is running sound.

If you are short on cash then you can buy an already mapped tuning module that will allow you to download a custom engine map for your desired application and in turn, add 5-15 percent more power.

Feel The Need For Speed

Modifying your 2021 Mustang GT will take your already buff beast to the next level and make you stand out while you are cruising down the road. By following these simple steps you can make your Mustang GT one of a kind!

Are you looking for any upgrades? Not sure how much it will cost and what can be done? Get in touch with us today and we will take your Mustang to the stratosphere!


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