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Angel’s Envy Bourbon: A Heavenly Spirit Born of Tradition and Innovation

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In the world of bourbon, where tradition and innovation often collide, Angel’s Envy soars above.

Standing as a testament to the mastery of craft, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Crafted at the Louisville Distillery in Kentucky, Angel’s Envy has made a significant mark in the spirits market. Pleasing palates and garnering admiration from whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide.

The Origin of Angel’s Envy

The story of Angel’s Envy begins with a true spirit legacy. Co-founded by Lincoln Henderson and his son Wes Henderson, the brand carries a rich history  intertwined with Kentucky’s whiskey heritage. Lincoln, often recognized as one of the foremost bourbon distillers, spent more than 40 years at Brown-Forman. He contributed to the development of iconic brands like Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniel’s.

Angel’s Envy, is not just another bourbon; it’s the culmination of Lincoln’s long-standing passion for whiskey. The name “Angel’s Envy” itself is a tribute to the portion of bourbon that evaporates from the barrels during aging, often referred to as the “angel’s share.” This phenomenon inspired Lincoln to create a bourbon that would not only embrace this loss but consider it a gain.

 Innovation in the Aging Process

What sets Angel’s Envy apart from many other bourbons is its innovative approach to the aging process. The whiskey is first aged in new charred oak barrels, as is the tradition for bourbon. However, what happens next is where the magic unfolds.

After the initial aging process, Angel’s Envy is transferred into ruby port wine casks for a finishing touch. This secondary aging in port wine barrels imparts unique flavors and complexities to the bourbon.Infusing it with rich notes of dark fruits, vanilla, and subtle wine undertones. This finishing technique brings a sweetness and depth of character to the spirit that sets it apart from other bourbons.

The Hendersons’ innovative approach doesn’t stop at the choice of barrels. They are meticulous about the selection of each barrel, ensuring that only the finest spirits make their way into the bottles. Each batch of Angel’s Envy is hand-selected, a testament to their commitment to quality.

Wes Henderson, the Chief Innovation Officer, has remarked, “It’s one thing to recognize a great bourbon. It’s another to recognize a great bourbon that could be extraordinary with a bit of effort.”

Tradition Meets Innovation

While innovation is a core tenet of Angel’s Envy’s approach, it is rooted in tradition. The Louisville Distillery, where Angel’s Envy is produced, boasts a heritage of producing fine spirits that date back generations.If you have the opportunity to walk through the remote-controlled doors into the heart of the distillery you will be wowed by the people and processes that are in motion.

Kentucky, often referred to as the bourbon capital of the world, is the heart of whiskey production in the United States. The state’s limestone-rich water and its distinct climate create the ideal conditions for aging whiskey. At the Louisville Distillery, this age-old tradition thrives, with a modern twist.

The facility is a fusion of modern technology and time-honored craftsmanship. Here, the old-school method meets modernized techniques. The result is the production of exceptional bourbon that can stand alongside the most revered classics in the industry. The distillery offers tours, inviting visitors to witness the art and science of bourbon-making, highlighting the meticulous process and the storied history behind Angel’s Envy. When on these tours the running theme, that seeps into your being, is the passion that goes into creating Angel’s Envy on every level. There is a pride and reverence that is palpable and definitely shows up in the finished product.

Critical Acclaim and Market Reception

The innovative approach, commitment to quality, and reverence for tradition have all culminated in Angel’s Envy Bourbon being incredibly well-received in the spirits market. Critics and connoisseurs alike have praised the brand for its exceptional quality and distinct character.

The whiskey has received many awards and accolades over the years, confirming its position as a top-tier bourbon. Notably, Angel’s Envy Bourbon has been named “Spirit of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast and received gold medals from various competitions, further cementing its reputation for excellence. All this in its young 13 year lifespan, an incredible testament to the quality that is Angel’s Envy.

The brand has earned a place in the hearts of whiskey enthusiasts and has become a staple in many liquor cabinets. When you visit Louisville it’s almost overwhelming how Angel’s Envy is well respected, even by the competition, and beloved by the community. Its sweet, complex flavor profile appeals to both bourbon novices and seasoned aficionados. The brand has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the highly competitive spirits market, and its continued growth is a testament to the enduring allure of this bourbon.

As it continues to be embraced by whiskey enthusiasts worldwide, the legacy of Lincoln and Wes Henderson lives on, raising a glass to the past, the present, and the future of bourbon, taking a sip of exceptionalism.



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