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Warm Christmas Drinks for the Cool Christmas Season

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Christmas is here once more and what better way to warm this cool season is to be with family and friends to share laughter and fun? Winter chills usually occur during this time of the year and most people want to just be cozy at their dwelling place or spend the holidays somewhere exotic and/or full of adventure.

Some people prefer to spend their lazy winter enjoying the warmness of their house with their favorite drink amidst the coolness from the outside. Online betting is one of the best past times for many. The majority prefer fast payout betting sites and under 1 hour withdrawal casino so they can enjoy their winnings while celebrating the holiday season.

Something to warm the holiday season

For holiday drinks, there will be two types of warm drinks: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Let鈥檚 start with alcoholic drinks:

Tom and Jerry

This is a customary Christmas cocktail in the US. It contains raw eggs mixed with brandy and rum and is usually served in a mug or bowl. Tom and Jerry were referred to a British writer and journalist Pierce Egan鈥檚 book 鈥淭he Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom in 1821.

This drink is light, and foamy and has a sweet, vanilla flavor.

Hot Apple-Cinnamon Cider

It has the flavor of different spices, particularly cinnamon. It contains a half cup of cinnamon whiskey, enough for the drinker to feel warmer and happy.

Orange Maple Warm

This classic cocktail drink never goes out of style. Its tasty flavors like cocktail bitters, maple bourbon, and an orange liqueur along with sugar cubes and cinnamon sticks make an instant holiday hit.

Almond Pear Cider

This tasty drink is an instant hit after a hearty Christmas dinner. It contains light booze such as amaretto liqueur and a cup of cognac added with pear juice and garnishes with cinnamon sticks enough to make your guests warm and cozy.

Hot peanut butter cup

Yup! Peanut butter can be a good Christmas cocktail especially if it is added with an ounce of hot chocolate. An ounce of peanut butter whisky and whipped cream truly make the holiday season worth remembering.

Warm and Fuzzy Cocktail

This special cocktail is a beautiful combination of sweet almonds and coffee added with an ounce of Bailey鈥檚 Irish Cream and some nut-flavored liqueur plus whipped cream and nutmeg on top.

It is truly wonderful having these drinks with light booze to add life to the holiday season and warm the chill. However, we also offer non-alcoholic drinks, especially for people who prefer delicious and non-booze types of drinks. Kids will also love these.

Peppermint cocoa

It looks simple yet very much welcome to everyone young and old alike. It looks so Christmassy because of the mint candy cane on top for garnishing. This foamy drink with a combination of powdered cocoa, milk, and some chocolate chips will surely bring back childhood Christmas memories.

Hot Chocolate with coffee

A French-style Christmas drink is so luxurious and perfect after skiing and while lounging in a cottage along with the warm fireplace of the people around. It goes well with warm cinnamon bread and other pastries.

S鈥檓ores Hot Chocolate

Another one-of-a-kind sweet temptation during the holidays is this Christmas drink obsession with a combination of hot chocolate, chocolate syrup, crushed graham cracker, marshmallows, and some chocolate chips for garnish. It is indeed a delicious kind of Jolly Christmas.

Cranberry Spiced Tea

For a truly worth-remembering Christmas holiday, surprise your loved ones with this simple yet delicious drink. It鈥檚 so easy you can make it in 5 minutes. A wonderful mixture of cranberry juice, an orange peel, spice tea bag and simmer them all up in medium heat in a small saucepan. Add a cinnamon stick plus an orange wedge to add flavor and garnish. Looks like a work of a pro and tastes out of this world.

White Hot Chocolate

White hot chocolate is a perfect drink after Christmas dinner while having a nice, warm chitchat among family members or friends. It’s rich and a bit spicy but more of a chocolatey taste would surely be a hit.

Final Insight

The Christmas season is considered as one of the best times of the year and people prepare for it. There are a lot of holiday season drinks but those indicated in the article are the best ones and are truly loved by many


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