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Six Dishes to Try in Tuscany during your holidays

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Tuscany is no doubt to food capital for people in love with, bold dishes full of flavor. Any foodie visiting Italy often visits Tuscany first, to prove all those wonderful food tales they hear about. The region has rustic roots and most of its recipes were handed down from peasant farmers to their children. The locals depend a lot, on what they produce and therefore, Tuscan flavors are often dictated by whatever is in season. Locals are fiercely proud of their flavors and have over time learned that not a morsel of produce should go to waste.
Regions like Florence and Siena are known for traditional trattorias while Pisa is world-famous for the wines. Many people visit Italy just to have a true taste of something locally cooked from Italian produce. Italian food is famous across the world with many people making it the area of specialty in careers. It is an inspiration for art and indeed a delight for the soul. If you are planning to visit Italy, we have a list of six dishes that you should not leave Tuscany without trying.


Ribollita is the Italian word for re-boiled. It is also used to inference leftover minestrone bread soup. To make this delicacy, you simply need to boil your soup again adding stale bread, beans and lots of cabbage. You should give time for the flavors to steam and fuse with greater intensity. Ribollitta can be enjoyed with crisp or stale bread so serve both if you have many people at the table. This is a great filling meal to start or end the day.


This is a favorite salad, especially on hot summer days. To make this, soak stale bread in water and vinegar then dry it off before tossing in a pan with tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and a generous helping of basil. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper to your liking. It is a common joke among foreigners that to make it Italian, just add Olive oil’ this may be debatable but for sure adding some extra virgin to this crunchy makes it even better.

Crostini Toscani

Tasty morsels washed down with a sip of local wine; Crostini Toscani is a great example of Italian hors d’oeuvre. It is easy to make by topping slices of crispy toast with a spread of homemade chicken liver pate. Chop the pate and cook with capers, onion, anchovies, and butter. Add broth and give it a while to thicken before serving with the bread to dip. In Italy, rarely anything goes without bread.

Panino al lampredotto

This Florentine sandwich is a darling for many including students and prisoner. It is a quick, cheap, filling meal and therefore the perfect street meal for tourists too. It refers to slices of lampredotto (fourth stomach of a cow) sliced and cooked in stock. The sandwich is served on a roll with lots of salsa for extra flavor. Panino Lampredotto is a delicacy that reminds everyone that in Tuscany, even offal doesn’t goe to waste. Everywhere you walk in the streets is a stall selling Panino al Lampredotto so there isn’t a chance you will go hungry on a walking tour of Tuscany.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

It may be an extravagant dish but Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is very easy to prepare. All you need is a thick-cut T-bone steak to fry. It should be cooked rare on both sides so it’s rare and bloody before garnishing with a sprinkle of salt a dash of pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. It is a pretty straightforward delicacy to go with good Italian red wine for added luxury.

Pappardelle with truffles

It is easier to come by truffles in Tuscany than anywhere else in the world is because they are native to the region. To find them, locals use trained pigs and dogs to catch the scent in the woodlands where they grow in autumn. Pappardelle refers to flat, wide, pasta ribbons made in Tuscany. Toss the signature pasta in olive oil, fried garlic, pepper, and salt before grating some truffle and cheese on top if you want. It will be a truly heavenly experience for your palate.

It is exciting to try out these recipes but nothing compares to trying Pappardelle or Ribollita in Tuscany. Made by the locals in the true style passed down generations with a secret family ingredient, these dishes certainly taste better in the homeland. In addition to enjoying the locals’ culinary masterly, the stories about how the recipes are great.

To enjoy this magical experience, go on a foodie’s trip to Tuscany and arrange to sleep in one of the luxury Tuscany villas with chefs on offer. A foodie’s tour of Tuscany familiarizes one with the ingredients, takes one to the origin of the recipe and allows you to learn from the locals. You will go back with the best taste in your mouth accompanied by a wealth of knowledge about indigenous cooking techniques. These accommodations are popular among travelers willing to stay in the region for a long time enjoying the scenery, natural wonders, architecture, and food. There are many signature dishes to try in Tuscany that you could go a week without repeating a recipe. Food is so important to the local’s that they have transformed it into art for the world to behold. From soups to bread, Italy is at the soul of many people’s culinary delights. The pasta, olive oil, and wine have gained global acclaim becoming a national pride.
In the luxury villa, a personal chef will prepare some of these Italian delights to take your palate on a memorable adventure. The chef will have a good time interacting with you and whipping up tantalizing meals over modern amenities to make you feel like royalty. Afterward, you can relax outside sipping some in and enjoying the spectacular views beyond the villa you chose. From the décor to the people, Tuscany Villas make your stay so delightful that you do not want to leave.


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