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How to Make a Perfect Coffee at Home

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If you are someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee, then you know that this hot drink goes well with any activity. Whether you’re browsing the Internet, reading a book, or working, it’s always a good time for coffee

But do we know how to make a good coffee at home? Are we aware that sometimes we get it more bitter than it should? Do we choose the right coffee maker? Do we choose well the place where to keep it? That is why we decided to make a guide on the best way to make a coffee, following a few simple steps and using coffee beans, and a list of coffee subscriptions by Home Grounds.   

Introduction to Coffee

Now, if we start from the beginning, we must say that coffee is usually obtained from two different plants: Robusta and Arabica. While the former has a more bitter taste and a higher level of caffeine, Arabica has a lighter flavor and less caffeine. That is why Robusta is generally used for packaged coffee. This information is important more than anything because when you are going to buy the grains, knowing which plant it was made with will help you to know what the end result will be like.

Coffee Grains

The reason why unground coffee beans are used is because the moment they are ground they begin to lose their flavor and aroma, so that the bag you have stored in your cupboard is decomposing faster and faster. The most recommended is to buy a good mixture of coffee beans, store them in a closed container where they are not in contact with light or air and, if you want to speed up the process, have already ground what will be used in the week, keeping the rest in a dark and cool place.

When grinding for French Press it is very important to ensure that the beans are large and uniform, since if they are very small they can deliver less flavor and filter when pressing the plunger of the French press.  

Grinding the Grains

When grinding coffee beans you need a grinder, which can be manual or electric. Some believe that the manual is more suitable because it allows you to have better control over the size of the beans, but in my experience, both work equally well. It is very important to ensure that the beans are large and uniform, since if they are very small they can deliver less flavor and filter when pressing the plunger of the French press.


Water Temperature

The best water temperature for making coffee is between 90 degrees and 96 degrees Celsius, that is, just before the boiling point. But if you have no way to measure the temperature, which is most likely, the best thing to do is to boil it and then let it stay for 10 or 15 seconds, so that the temperature drops to the desired level. It is also recommended to wet the French press with warm water, since dropping almost boiling water in a glass or glass container is not recommended.


Talking about quantities of water is very relative, because it depends on how everyone likes coffee and the type of coffee used. The best way to know is to try and see how it turns out the first time and then perfect the technique. The ideal would be four tablespoons of coffee every 220 cubic centimeters of water. But as we said, start there and experiment with the measures to obtain the coffee that your palate likes best.

First, put the coffee in the press, then pour the water and stir for a few seconds with a non-metallic spoon. Now that you have all the elements in place, put the lid on it, dip the press half an inch into the coffee and, let it be because the most important part comes.

Milk with Foam

The final step is only for those who want to drink their latte and foam. And the only way to achieve a consistent foam is with boiling milk. You must first pass what was left of coffee in a thermos and clean the French press. Then, fill a cup of milk and boil it, trying not to burn yourself in the process.

Then pour the contents into the clean French press. It is important not to fill it as with the foam the liquid level will increase considerably. Once the milk is inside and steaming, just put the plunger in and go up and down until you get a froth. It is best to raise the plunger over the surface of the milk to get the best froth. Between 10 and 15 repetitions should be sufficient.

As we said several times throughout the article, the best way to get delicious coffee is to experiment with the different types and sizes of beans and amounts of coffee and water, but this is a guide to clarify the basic idea of how to get the best out of the coffee beans and the french press, a perfect tool to make between one and three cups of coffee in less than 10 minutes. Our final recommendation would be that after perfecting the technique, buy the most exotic coffee beans you see, because you can get the best flavors from each one.




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