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5 Places your Phone can help get you out of a Tight Spot

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Since its inception in 1973 the humble mobile phone has gone from strength to strength in allowing us to connect more effectively with the world around us. First we were able to make calls to anyone of our choosing (for a hefty fee), then we were able to send text messages, then after a while we were able to send emails and soon the whole world was delivered neatly into our pocket through the miracle of mobile internet. Yet, though our phones are brimming with untapped potential, many of us just use it to stalk our exes on Facebook or share cat memes. Through the miracle of 4G technology, however, you’ll find that your trusty mobile phone can get you out of some common tight spots, such as…


The doctor’s waiting room

Doctor’s waiting rooms manage the seemingly impossible task of being both boring and terrifying. Whether you experience mind numbing boredom or crippling anxiety while waiting for your doctor, your phone can help. Try looking up some medical terminology to help to describe your symptoms in terms the doctor will understand as this might expedite his diagnosis (though we’d advise against self-diagnosis).


The buildup to a job interview

Waiting to be called into the office for that all-important job interview can be a nerve-shredding experience that causes even the sharpest of minds to go blank. Your phone can save your from this mental black hole. Use it to make notes or bookmark the company’s website for you to glean some key facts and stats so that you can go in well informed and mentally prepared.


When money’s tight

Even the shrewdest financial planners find themselves temporarily embarrassed in this capricious economy. Fortunately, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to make money through your mobile phone. You can give your bank balance a cash injection with some responsible betting. Many gaming apps such as EPL bets offer promotions and extra credit to new members, minimising your outlay. On the other hand, shopping sites like Swagbucks enable you to make money by visiting the same online stores you usually frequent and filling out surveys on your user experience. Committing a few minutes a day to such sites can make a bit of extra cash here and there that can really add up.


In a medical emergency

If you’re in a crowded restaurant and one of your fellow diners keels over, you could be the hero who saves the day, thanks to a wide variety of great first aid apps. These will provide you with step-by-step picture and video enhanced guides to administering potentially life saving first aid.


Locating lost family members

There was a time when a lost member of the family meant hours of prowling the neighbourhood calling out their name. Now, with the miracle of GPS software, finding loved ones is quick and easy. Companion is a great app for tracking down lost loved ones while also enabling travellers to send a notification to everyone in their network if they feel nervous or threatened, even enabling them to send an alert to nearby emergency services.


These are just a few of the tricky jams your mobile phone can get you out of. Are you using yours to its full potential?


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