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You know why lots of people love their MacBooks and iPads since there are pretty true reasons behind that. In recent times the brick like adapters are really much universally hated that too mostly on laptops for quite few reasons. They pull themselves out of the wall. They will branch out way besides far from the wall. In case if you try to make use of an extension for the same adapter then obviously it carry too muck bulk.


To provide a resolution for this Ten One Design has got a unique design of those modest and excellent solutions in Blockhead. Swap the customary two prongs, folding Apple wall interface on a MacBook or iPad adapter with the blue Blockhead and your complete adapter will sit equivalent to the wall. By means of rotating the whole adapter sideways it fits behind furniture, on the other hand the center of mass is moreover brought closer to the wall, that will reduce tension and will prevents it from falling out.

Sculpted to fit your charger, Blockhead offers a durable mechanical hold and UL sanctioned electrical connection. Now it can fit in more places than ever in lieu of using Apple’s first party prongs. Cheers to the structure and shape of the plug’s design, Blockhead too points the Apple adapter’s plug downwards as a substitute of straight out from a wall, which Ten One Design speaks “protects against cord stress.”


In matching to Apple’s chargers, the Blockhead plug is made 1.2 inches thick, stunningly reducing the thickness of the MacBook wall adapter’s that requires 3.8 inches of space. This is really appreciable to the Blockhead’s design, the innovative plug will also line two adapters on one outlet, or even adjacent plugs on a traditional two-prong extensions cord. The accessory is suitable and works for any Apple charger rated for 10 watts or greater; as a result it is well matched with all MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook models, in addition to all iPad models aside from the original iPad mini.


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