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The outdoor immense parties that you conduct and the music festival that you organize are made easier by the SoundBoks Bluetooth Speaker. Truly, this handy device is talented to blast sound levels of 119 decibels which is much louder than an average PA-system at a rock concert! SoundBoks Bluetooth Speaker is probably the loudest portable speaker ever. Get rid of those pocket friendly portable speakers now the SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth speaker will take along exciting volume for outside parties and sports.


Accommodated inside a classic flight style case design finished of lightweight and durable plywood and natural aluminum, the rocky speaker can tolerate severe abuse and cruelty, like shocks, rain and snow for a durable and rugged constitution. SoundBoks is setup of four drivers that is two woofers and two tweeters and each boosted by a four 42W digital amplifiers convey loud and thriving sound, for somewhere lasts between 8h to 100 hours per charge, subject to the volume that it is played with. Its DSP lets it to blast up to a frightening 119dB. The volume dial and quite literally it turns to an 11 for an experience similar to that of a live concert.


The SOUNDBOKS is a high-performance, wireless speaker that measures 26 x 17 x 13 inches and weighs 31.97 lbs. In the meantime, equally built-in Bluetooth 3.0 and 3.5mm audio input that permits the speaker to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or any music player with 3.5mm audio jack. But what makes Soundboks really exclusive is its capability to interrupt county noise ordinances without taking to be plugged into a wall socket, portable generator, or vehicle power inverter. All SoundBoks comes with two swappable batteries that needs only 3 hours to charge, which says that you need to have enough juice for an all-night, and over after-party. Better stack on energy drinks!

Tooling of the device has been completed and by now the production has been started for the Soundboks. Thus if the whole thing proceeds efficiently, as soon as this April the backers can expect shipments to start.


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