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Sailun Tires

As you all know a lot of delightful and tasty micro-brews are sold or even not coming in bottles at all, therefore if you are really a lover of craft beer and looking to therefore if you’re a craft beer lover looking to delight in an icy one at home or on the go, then you need to get yourself a growler or a keg. Else even better change to a GrowlerWerks uKeg since it is the combination of both these stuffs into unique suitable, sexy package.


This apparatus is perfectly designed and created to make your beer fresh and carbonated for weeks, the uKegs makes use of a food grade CO2 cartridges and feature VPR caps that will automatically regulate pressure to it, which will also let you to select the desired carbonation level that is ranging from zero to 15 psi. The durable vessels are double walled that holds a vacuum insulated stainless steel structure, also having a dispenser tap that has a tap lock to avoid dispensing), customizable brass handle & gauge, and a sight glass allowing you identify when it is time to fill-up. With vacuum insulated stainless steel, and our patented VPR Pressurization Cap, your beer stays deliciously cold, brewery fresh, and perfectly carbonated.


Craft beer personifies our innovative spirit. That essence fuels to our adventures. The heavy-duty uKeg creates a great travel companion, nearby a river or a campfire. Apart from the quality, the greatest part that is present in craft beer is toasting it. The uKeg lets you to share your desired beer or home-brew with your friends, from your refrigerator, BBQ, or tailgate. Then why waiting go grab your GrowlerWerks uKeg in 64 or 128 oz sizes, available in stainless or bright copper-plated finish and texture that giving you a true, old-fashioned brewery look. The apparatus is made in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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