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How Tech Became a Fashion Accessory: 3 Gadgets That Define Your Style

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Today, technology is revolutionizing the fashion industry in a variety of ways, from creating eco-fibers to reducing energy waste during and post production (Google Arts & Culture). However, there is another side to tech influencing fashion, which is the way how gadgets themselves cease to be useful devices and become fashion accessories. Of course they don’t stop being useful. However, today many view them as a sign of status and an important element of personal style. Headphones, smart watches, and smartphones have all become important influences on your look.

Top 3 Gadgets That Double as Fashion Accessories Today

  1. Smartwatches

Smartwatches represent one of the most amazing success stories among modern gadgets with their market value going from $15 million in 2014 to expected $373 million by 2020 (NextMarket). However, those predictions might fall short of the actual progress because smartwatches are becoming extremely popular. And their role as a stylish fashion accessory is one of the main components of this success.

The fact that smartwatches of today are a fashion statement shouldn’t be a surprise because watches have been considered one of the main status accessories for centuries. Even today every CEO, celebrity, and other people who mingle with high society are very conscious about choosing their watches as those can make or break one’s image.


All things considered, a fashionable man of today who wants to make the most out of smart tech should have this gadget. Apple Watch is the definite leader in sales today, according to Statista. This might seem strange because the gadget’s original design, while stylish, doesn’t fit many actual styles. However, to fix this issue, an entire branch industry emerged.

The gadget itself can fit a variety of styles because it’s sleek and sharp-looking. The trick of making it into a fashion accessory lies in the band. For a formal occasion where you need to show off style and elegance, you can use a handmade leather Apple Watch band. It will transform the gadget into a luxury item befitting a leader who aims to impress, yet wants to show that he is in tune with the times and tech. For an informal meetup with friends, you can go with the original band, which adds a bit of ‘futuristic geek’ into your style. Extra durable heavy-looking bands are to be used when you plan to enjoy some active recreation, like hiking or rock climbing.

  1. Headphones

Music is good for the soul, and headphones are good for your image. At least, they should be as today this device comes in a great variety of styles and colors. Good sound quality is as important a consideration you need to make when shopping for headphones as their design.

Depending on the situation, you might allow yourself to go for bold noise-canceling headphones or tiny studs that match the overall style of your outfit. With this gadget, the main factor to consider when choosing is whether you want to attract attention to them. If yes, you can find great models that sound good and can be used as statement accessories, much like jewelry, but more modern.

  1. Smartphone

It’s not a wearable gadget, but the popular opinion today is that smartphones are a status symbol. As such, they also make an important detail of your personal style. Much like with smartwatches, you can make your smartphone match the occasion using different accessories.

However, you can also use those to add some ‘spice’ into a formal look. This is a way to go if you are bound by the rules of formal dress code but want to stand out and challenge the norms in a subtle way.


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