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Lensball: The trending crystal ball that won’t let you see the future, but looks great in photos

Sailun Tires

The new age of photography is all about capturing the best moments in pixel perfect resolution. The latest gadgets and tools like the Lensball can help you conquer just that. Made of hardened crystal that is perfectly rounded with a scratch free surface, it enables you to take unique photos of anything or anywhere.

Part of the latest trends on Instagram with many popular photographers and influencers, it allows you to create your own works of art. Create the illusion of a space within a space, focus its optic quality like you’re using a professional camera and carry it around in a lightweight microfiber pouch.


Here’s a few of our favorite Instagram posts from Lensball “family” influencers:

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Available in two different sizes; Lensball Pocket (60mm/250gr) and Lensball Pro (80mm/650gr). Get yours now before it’s too late, and use the coupon code, SWAGGER15 and get 15% off your order today!


Lensball - Two Sizes - SWAGGER Magazine


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