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The LG CineBeam 4K Laser, just in time for the perfect Father’s Day Gift

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It’s no secret that gadgets and technology can go a long way in saying, “love you dad” and this new piece of gorgeous electronic item. The stress of getting the perfect gift for Father’s Day can be all too real, but we’re here to share some good news! We just found out about a great new projector, the LG CineBeam 4K Laser, and you can read all about it right here.

Learn more about the LG CineBeam 4K Laser Projector

We have all heard of how incredible and versatile projectors can be, but the truth is that they have never really caught on in terms of “must-have tech gadgets”. However, LG wants to change all that with their first 4k Laser projector – and it appears as though they already have.

The LG CineBeam 4K Laser Projector can be used projecting from above, or on the ground. Seen here projecting from the ground. (Photo: Courtesy of LG)
LG CineBeam 4k Projector
The LG CineBeam 4K Laser Projector seen here projecting hung off the ceiling. (Photo: Courtesy of LG)

The LG CineBeam aims to revolutionize the way we think about projectors. The size of the CineBeam allows for the projector to be placed pretty much everywhere in your house. This means your dad definitely doesn’t have to worry about where to set up right before the big games!


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Sports Star, Sony Michel of the New England Patriots unboxing his LG CineBeam.

The CineBeam isn’t compact just so you can take it on trips with you – it’s compact so that you can enjoy it in every way possible. If you feel like creating your own movie theater anywhere in the house – no problem, just grab the handle and go. There are lots of projectors that require a bit of a learning curve, but the CineBeam is not only versatile, it’s extremely easy to use. In other words, it is yet another reason for your dad to enjoy the gift with practicality and ease. The design of the CineBeam alone has won the product various awards such as CES, Red Dot, TIMES, and more. What better way to show appreciation to your father than by giving him an award-winning design tech? It makes sense, as well – the fact that the CineBeam has a handgrip and auto-cord reel makes for maximum convenience and portability.

LG CineBeam 4K Projector
You can even have the LG CineBeam 4K Laser projector beaming onto the ceiling. (Photo: Courtesy of LG)

That sounds good and all, but worried about your father might think about the quality? Well, you’re in luck. The LG CineBeam offers full 4K UHD picture quality with up to a 150-inch screen, and many believe that it has essentially set the tone for all projectors after it. Thanks to the CineBeam, you can literally bring a premium home theater experience anywhere. When one thinks about the fact that there are competing 4K UHD devices that range up to $5,000, it makes the CineBeam HU80KA even more reasonable, as it is priced under $3k. It also makes for an incredible price point for those who want to purchase their first 4k home projector, as well.

It doesn’t matter if your dad might want a room to himself for some peace and quiet after work, or if he feels like living in style – it’s clear that the LG CineBeam 4K laser projector offers a quality experience that simply cannot be matched. For a full cinematic experience in the comfort of one’s own home, with the best bang for your buck as a gift: the LG CineBeam is the obvious choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just you and your dad, a housewarming, or a block party, the CineBeam will deliver magnificently.


It’s no wonder why this amazing gadget will be featured in our Chief Swagger Officer, Steven Branco’s, Fathers Day Gift Guide.

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