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No Need To Worry About Your Waist Size With This Adjustable Belt From Kore Essentials

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In the world of men’s fashion, it’s all about the details.

From a well-picked tie to the perfect pair of shoes, it’s the finishing touches which separate the classy gentlemen from the boys.

But there’s one accessory that even the most fashion-forward among us tend to overlook. We’re here to remind the world to give it some love.

Far too often, belts tend to go unappreciated. Yep, belts.


If you are like most men, you probably wear a belt only because it’s functional. But more than the practicality of keeping your pants in place, belts offer a brilliant chance to complete your outfit and showcase your character.

If you’ve never given your belt much thought before but now want to upgrade, don’t waste your money on something that will make you look like you haven’t hit the gym in months. Check out Kore Essentials, belts that guarantee a perfect fit EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

This innovative men’s accessory is adjustable and provides over forty size points to choose from. The simple but effective design makes belt holes a thing of the past.

Kore Essentials started out as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Founder Karl Kozak ruined an expensive belt after poking it in a failed attempt to make it fit better. The company has been growing steadily since then. The belts have been tagged as the #1 Funded Accessory of All-Time.

Trakline Belt VS Belt Holes

One of the most important things about belts is to get the fit and sizing right.

Traditionally, men’s belts have about five or six holes with an inch of space in between. But depending on what you had for breakfast or the intensity of your gym session, you might find yourself needing “in-between” holes.

Kore’s innovative design makes it 800% more adjustable than traditional belts. It uses a Trakline system that gives you more freedom to adjust the belt from 24 inches up to 44 inches (XL up to 54″), so a really big or a really small waist shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily adjust the belt if you indulged in burgers, fries, and beer. No more embarrassing bulges that you can get when your belt simple doesn’t fit right.

The Trakline Belt by Kore Essentials is super easy to use. Just clamp the buckle to the grove as you adjust the belt according to your waist size. It’s just like a giant zip tie for your waist – zero complications!

There’s another pretty cool added benefit of the Trakline design too. You won’t have to deal with the worn-out leather or unsightly creases that are typical in traditional belt designs! This means that your belts will last longer because they won’t look all stretched out.

They Are Pretty Stylish, Too

You may not think that people notice your belt but they do. The right belt can transform your look and make you feel like a million bucks. Strange as it may sound, a belt can make you feel sleek and sexy but still stylishly simple.

A tucked-in shirt and empty belt loop look tacky and forgetful. Whether you have a big presentation at work or you want to make a good impression on your first date, you have to wear the right kind of belt that will complete your ensemble.

The Trakline belts are available in different colors and the buckles are available in different designs. But they all look sleek and simple, which is perfect if you are going for a classic look. Plus, you can experiment with different styles because the belts and buckles are interchangeable!

If you are looking for something that would go with almost everything, try the Express Gunmetal Black Set. The smooth style is available in black, brown, and tan Top-Grain leather and buckle have a unique gunmetal finish.

Fun fact: You can use the buckle to pop open a beer bottle, too!

Kore Essentials also has an interesting line of concealed carry gun belts that also use the Trakline technology. These belts are designed to support holster, firearm, and magazine. They also come in interchangeable belts and buckles.

Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Old Belts?

The belts do seem too good to be true, don’t they? But you can check out Kore’s Instagram account to see how some men are rocking the Trakline Belt by Kore Essentials.

The belts are good to use for formal or business formal events, whether you wear brown or black leather. If you want a more casual look, you can switch to a less polished belt.

By the way, Kore Essentials also offers other accessories too. Their minimalist wallets with extra protection from unwanted credit card scanning and ID theft are pretty cool!

Ladies, if you ever need a perfect “just because” gift for your man, go ahead and check these babies out.

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