Sharpen Knives with Ease and Convenience at Home – Knife Aid Has Arrived

Nothing can ruin a great barbecue more than grilling delicious steaks and chicken to have your family and guests struggle to cut their meat due to your dull knives. We all know the cost of quality knives, so it’s not a purchase you want to do over and over again.

We were thrilled to learn about this amazing mail- in knife service and wanted to share it with our readers.

Knife Aid is the only mail-in knife sharpening service on the market. Knife Aid has taken the old trade of knife sharpening online, modernized it and made it accessible and easy for everyone in the USA.

When keeping your knives sharp you’re typically faced with three choices:

  • Learn to sharpen your knives yourself (time-consuming and potentially dangerous)
  • Locate a sharpener, find the time to bring your knives there and get it done. (A hassle and time consuming)
  • Spend your money on a new set of knives (wasteful and expensive)

Your parents and grandparents may recall the days when knife sharpeners used to drive around in the neighborhoods sharpening knives in their trucks or they’d have a table at the local farmers market. Those days went away with the milkman!

Knife Aid has introduced a fresh new way to sharpen knives and you don’t even have to leave your home. They combined traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced sharpening technology.

The only thing you need is an internet connection and a mailbox. Through decades of experience and advanced technology, Knife Aid achieves professional results and can bring back or improve the original sharpness of a blade as well as repair broken tips and chips.


How Knife Aid Works:

  1. After making an order online, you’ll receive their secure Knife Aid envelope and protective sleeves that guarantee safe shipping. Simply package your dull knives inside and stick it back in the mailbox for next-day pickup.
  2. Knife Aid will restore your blades back to new — or even better — in just one day and send the package right back to you.
  3. Unpack and enjoy your fresh new edges.

Every knife they sharpen gets a bespoke treatment depending on a number of factors such as blade material and blade design. a number of factors such as blade material and blade design.

Knife Aid starts at just $49 for 4 knives. That can save your hundreds of dollars in new knife purchases. This is a must have service so we cut that prime piece of meat with ease.

Check them out at:


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