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Tips On Choosing Unique Mens Rings For Your Personality

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As a man, it鈥檚 very likely that the ring you choose to purchase for your wedding band is the only piece of jewelry you鈥檒l wear constantly. This is why it matters that you choose a ring that suits your personality perfectly. Here are tips you can follow in selecting the ring to buy that reflects you.

Take note of how your personality affects your fashion choices.


The first thing to consider when picking accessories such as rings for men is to determine how you usually dress. Are you the type of person who wears colorful clothes that announce your presence? Or, are you the type of man who wears laidback colors that are silent but show an air of strength?

Such choices will also affect what type of ring you would like. Nowadays, you have many unique ring designs to choose from. These will be perfect for any type of personality–from the loud and flashy rockstar to the serious demeanor of academic or corporate professionals.

Consider if you鈥檙e used to wearing jewelry regularly.

Men who are used to wearing items of jewelry may be more willing to try bigger designs and more aggressive styles. Some men who rarely use jewelry may find bigger rings to be obtrusive and awkward. If so, they may prefer slimmer or classic styles of rings. Rest assured that regardless of whether you wear jewelry often or this will be your first time to don a ring on your finger, there鈥檚 a perfect design and fit to match your lifestyle.

Being accustomed to wearing jewelry could also affect a man鈥檚 preferences in terms of size, color, and even type of metal. Another point for you to consider is how this purchase of a new ring will complement your other previous jewelry choices when you wear your different pieces of jewelry together.

Look at all possible ring material options.

Men鈥檚 rings at have a wide variety of material choices, most of which are made of metal alloys. All of these options will appeal to different tastes, and will attract the attention of both first-time ring wearers and long-time jewelry collectors. The personality of the wearer usually affects their choice, as the selection of metals normally decides how loud or subtle a ring could be. As an example, some unique and rare metals such as tungsten and titanium evoke a silent but strong appeal.

Aside from the usual metals being used like gold, white gold, platinum and bronze, more unique options are available such as tungsten, titanium, and rose gold. Some men pick the classic options such as gold and white gold, which can be used for all occasions and can go with almost any type of wardrobe. However, the other options for ring metal offer additional benefits such as durability and hardness which will require less polishing and maintenance. Darker colors of metal are likewise available, for men who want a more subtle appearance.

When you鈥檙e choosing your ring, try on rings of different metals so that you can see what will suit you best.

Study the different widths and profiles of ring options.

How much space the ring occupies on your finger is another major consideration when you鈥檙e choosing one. Some men want a very wide ring with a thick band that will really capture the attention of anyone who sees it. The men with outgoing personalities usually pick these designs, which may reflect their friendly and approachable nature.

On the other hand, quiet types tend to pick more subtle designs with narrower bands which don鈥檛 attract attention. These types of rings silently complements the user鈥檚 whole appeal without being attention-grabbing.

When you鈥檙e shopping around for a ring, ask to try on thick bands as well as slim-fit rings. In this way, you鈥檒l be able to assess what you鈥檒l be comfortable with wearing everyday.

See what choices in accents are available.


After choosing the main ring material, another thing to consider is the accent for the ring. The classic rings for men feature only a band or a gemstone in some designs. Some modern styles today come with accented designs, such as two-tone designs made of two materials or striking designs that feature contrasting colors.


Choosing your wedding band or a ring to celebrate a milestone in your life is an important task. Rather than selecting a ring hurriedly or entrusting the task to your fiancee or going with the suggestion of a pushy salesman, follow the aforementioned guidelines and select a ring that will truly reflect you and your personal taste.


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