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Doctor of Style: Dr. Mario McCoy of NCMPRBL Teaches You How to Style a Classic Timepiece

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Dr. Mario McCoy, Founder and CEO of NCMPRBL, was raised by a single mother with classic ideals. She taught him that a wristwatch is an essential tool and accessory that a man should never leave home without. From a young age, he learned to appreciate the look and concept of watches, evolving into the fashion mogul we know him as today.

“I used to go to McDonald’s in the late 80s and early 90s. This was when they used to sell the Michael Jordan watches with Happy Meals,” said Dr. McCoy. “Later, my mother bought my first ‘real’ watch for me for Christmas and, fittingly enough, it was a Michael Jordan leather watch, with a basketball in place of the second hand. I wore it with everything! I loved the look, but ultimately ended up learning the nuances of what makes a quality, affordable timepiece.”

NCMPRBL is a line of minimalist, aesthetically pleasing watches and accessories for men and women. Here, Dr. McCoy shares his insights on styling watches for various occasions and outcomes. As is his personal history, he feels that understanding the history of timepieces is essential to know how to appreciate and style them correctly.

The History of Timekeeping

The journey to the ease of measuring the time that we all take for granted today was a long, slow burn. The Sumerians first invented timekeeping based on their hands and fingers. While styles have evolved over the centuries, the increments of timekeeping itself haven’t changed much.

The first clocks were made by creating shadows from the sun on a marked dial. Not surprisingly, these timekeeping devices were not the most helpful during cloudy days or when the moon was high in the sky.

Next came Egyptian water clocks, the first-time measuring device that did not rely upon the sun. This solution only measured hours but being able to use them at night was a huge step forward. Plato later invented an alarm clock from this system. Water from the water clock slowly filled a jug which blew a whistle when it was full.

Candle clocks, hourglasses, mechanical clocks, pendulum clocks, and pocket watches were invented over the centuries, each bringing breakthroughs that bettered the timekeeping system.

A balance ring in a pocket watch has the same function as a pendulum on a clock. Adding a balance ring to the pocket watch was a huge step, pushing the accuracy range from 30 minutes to five minutes. This was the beginning of the mass production of watches.

From there came wristwatches, and the rest is history.

The history of timekeeping is sacred, and this appreciation for watches as stylish mementos from history can guide how we style and care for them.

How to Style Your Wristwatch

The perfect watch goes unnoticed, or at least without major commentary, according to Real Men, Real Style.

“Your watch should complement your outfit in a way that isn’t distracting,” said Dr. McCoy. “Many people choose to own just one watch that they think goes with everything. I think this is a mistake. A curated selection of two to four watches is the sweet spot.

“If you want to dress to impress, you don’t have to choose a watch that hides in the background. Your wrist piece can be a statement, loud and proud, or it can be a supporting character. The main thing to focus on is being intentional with your decision.”

Dr. McCoy stressed that just slapping on any old watch is not the way to go. Rather, focus on color, texture, and size. A sleek suit pairs well with metal hardware, while a casual daytime coffee outfit plays well with a leather or leather-look band.

“A thin watch band says you are humble and focused on experiences in life, while a thick band says you are proud of your big personality,” Dr. McCoy finished. “A watch can say many things, just like each of our articles of clothing can. You might get a general sense of emotion when shopping for a new watch, and you should listen to that same intuition when styling it at home.”

By appreciating the history of timekeeping and how lucky we are to live in the modern era, Dr. McCoy believes that whatever watch you pick will be the perfect one for you.

About Dr. Mario McCoy

Dr. Mario McCoy is the Founder and CEO of NCMPRBL Watches. Handcrafting limited edition collections that feature a minimalist design, their timepieces can be found all over the globe. With a core focus of creating the ultimate fashion accessory to be a unique feeling and look for the modern minimalist, each collection is a limited release. Find out more at


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