Will Callaway’s 2019 Range Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Callaway have utilized AI in the design of the replacements for the GBB Rogue and Epic in the design of the Epic Flash Sub Zero and Epic Flash drivers, with a new tech known as Flash Face. How has this been made possible and will they help you to improve your game? Let’s take a closer look.

Well, the AI and machine learning have been used to cycle through 15,000 iterations rather than the just eight to ten that the engineers normally have to test. A major difference is that with the older faces, engineers used X-face designs and VFT tech that created faces that were thicker around the center and thinned out towards the outer areas. These were developed to increase the ball speed on strikes at the center and ball speed on hits that were more off-center. They were also, mostly, symmetrical.

With the new faces of the Flash models however, you will notice they have numerous ripples that vary in terms of configuration, depth and size. Although these ripples appear to be completely random, they actually work together perfectly to increase the Cor in the face’s center when it comes to ball speed from center hits. They have also been built using titanium and treated with heat for increased strength and flexibility.

According to the Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Callaway, Dr Hocknell, the company would never been able to create faces like the new models, without the use of artificial intelligence.

Callaway have also included what is referred to as T2C by the company, triaxial carbon fabric, to the Epic Flash Sub Zero and Epic Flash drivers. This crown appears to offer a tighter weave that reduces the club head top weight, with it being balanced out more providing more forgiveness thanks to a greater MOI.

When the company released the GBB Epic drivers, they also utilized for the first time their own Jailbreak tech, that consisted of two parallel and vertical bars behind the face, connecting the sole and crown together, providing a stiffer structure, while enabling the face to have more flex upon impact.

With the release of the Rogue drivers, the company had altered the shape of these bars to produce an hourglass-style shape. that reduced the weight of the bars, at the front area of the head, repositioning it to the rear to increase MOI. Their brand-new Epic Flash drivers have this same hourglass-style Jailbreak design.

They also benefit from the Adjustable perimeter Weighting that shifts the CG and produces face or draw biases, which is the first ever time a Sub-Zero driver club has had this adjustability. While the Epic Flash Sub Driver has a 12-gram sliding weight, the Epic Flash has a 16-gram sliding weight.

Epic Flash and Sub-Zero Fairway Clubs

The new Flash Face design has been incorporated into the company’s new Epic Flash fairways and is combined with the popular Face Cup tech to increase the speed of the ball in off-center and center strikes. Rather than the titanium used in the drivers, though, the fairways have been built using carpenter-455-steel. In addition to these developments, they also utilize the Jailbreak tech to the back of the face and feature a lighter OpitFit Hosel to reduce the overall weight. With the Sub-Zero version you also get the benefit of an adjustable sole weight with interchangeable 16-gram and 2-gram weights at the back and front of the sole.

Apex Irons and Hybrids

Callaway also introduced new Apex irons and hybrids that have been created with experienced players in mind who were interested in improving the control and distance of their shots. This is the first time the Jailbreak tech has been used in a hybrid model from the company. As a result, it is able to produce the spin and flight you’d expect from a longer iron and improved distance and forgiveness because of the face’s impact load.

PM Grind Wedge

In addition to the above, the new 2019 range is completed by the PM Grind Wedge. This has been produced through a collaboration between the world-famous wedge designer Roger Cleveland and probably one of the greatest short game players in the game, Phil Mickelson, to give players the opportunity to hit a wider variety of shots in their shot game easily.

It replaces the 2015 original, and features an almost-identical set of grooves over the whole face and an even higher toe, with a refined C-Grind sole and increased offset. Callaway have also made use of their own Groove-in-Groove tech that means there are micro-sized grooves at an angle to give more spin when hitting Mickelson’s own flop shot.

Could these switch your game up? We think it’s possible, because whenever Callaway release updates and new clubs it’s a big deal. If you are just starting, you might want to try something else first though, as many of the new models are for more experienced players. We would recommend checking out the best golf set for beginners.




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