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Perfect Way to Record Live Shows and Concerts

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Live shows and music are very exciting to watch. You can relive the moments if you know how to record live music. You may think it’s an easy job; all you need to take is a recorder and play it on.

However, the task is actually not simple. It is difficult to record from within the crowd. You can choose between stereo recording or multitrack recording. Buying a good quality multitrack recording can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider. In the cloodjo you will find a buying guide that can help you choose the right multitrack recorder. You will understand the different types of workstations and tracks.


Recording live music requires some knowledge and expertise. Here we will tell you the techniques to record the music of a live band.

Stereo recording

Let’s assume that you are going to record concerts in a small or medium venue. You can use stereo recording where you will hear everything clearly. You can stand in the middle of the crowd and record the show using a handheld stereo recorder.

However, there is a possibility that you might record the crowd sound more than the music. Ultimately, it will give you a headache rather than a pleasant experience. Another challenge is keeping the recorder steady.

You can use 24-bit recorders that have plenty of headroom. You can set low recording levels and have room for louder noise. To record the show perfectly you should know everything about the recorder so that you can tweak the settings as needed.

You can ask the front-of-house (FOH) engineer to feed the recorder from the FOH desk’s outputs. This way you will receive the mix they feed to the PA.

However, you should remember that you are going to have amplified music in a small space, so your recording may not turn out that well.

You can try to place the recorder at a distance from the crowd. The perfect place will be a spot in between the PA and the stage. You can place the recorder high above the FOH desk. If you place the recorder too high, the sound will be reflected.

Multi-tracked recording

When there is a concert on TV you are actually listening to the outputs from multitrack recordings. These recordings are usually edited and enhanced later on. You need to do some post-production works to get professional results.

You will need to find a good place to set up your multitrack recording gear at the concert. In the multi-tracked recording, you can set up stereo recordings simultaneously on the same device. For a start, you can buy a handheld multitrack recorder. This digital recording console is very convenient to use.

Some useful tips for recording

Whichever recording you use there are some tricks that can improve the recording. Keep the following tips in mind when recording a live concert.

Use room mics. You should set up one or more room mics so that the recording is clearer. There are moments at the concert when the pianist may encourage audience participation. Room mics will help you hear the audience.

Set moderate levels. It is better to set moderate levels into the recording software because the sound might be louder than expected at times. Otherwise, you will have terrible clipping sounds in the recording.

Check the DAW’s open-ended recording allocation. There is a limit to how long the DAW can record simultaneously. So, say our DAW is set to 30 minutes, then it will stop recording at 30 minutes even if the concert goes on. So, you should use all the available space on the hard drive so that you can record the entire event.

After capturing the concert, you should start mixing. Then do automation and fine-tuning to make the sound clearer.

Soundboard 2-Track Recording

In almost any concert you will find a PA system. You can record the show using two track recorders. You should ask the sound engineer to do the mixing from the soundboard recorder.

Hardware or DAW Recording?

You can choose dedicated hardware recorders or studio ready DAW software for recording a concert. Hardware recorders have 24 or more input channels. It is compact and reliable.

You can also use DAW software along with an audio interface. Here you will be able to include channels through extra audio interfaces. You can also record the event directly into the DAW and then edit and mix it.

It is better to visit the venue before the concert to get an idea about the size of the venue, the performers, the number of crowds and other factors that may affect the recording. It will give you an idea about where to place the live recording mic so that the recording is clear.

Before going to the concert, you should make sure that you have the audio recording equipment available for recording. Always carry extra cable and adapter. If you are unable to visit the venue then you should contact the promoters and get some information about the venue. Always invest in a good stereo or multitrack recorder and you will find that the recorded show quality is just brilliant.


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