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4 Things to Do to Recover the Corrupted Files

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The crash system or bad sector in the hard drive can cause problems on your files. One of them is when your files are damaged or completely lost. Based on that fact, it is important to always backup the files that are considered important. More than that, it is important also to know how to repair the corrupted data in the PC and external hard drive.

Indeed, you can use a kind of trusted software like iSkysoft Data Recovery to fix the damaged files. Besides, the software is also known to be able to recover data from computer and any storage device easily. But for your own easiness, some methods below are also really necessary to learn. Check them out.

Change the File Format

This is the first thing you should do once you find that your files are corrupted. Commonly, the files indeed cannot be changed through their original shapes, but you can actually still access the content. This way, there is a chance to peek the content by converting the files into similar formats. The examples are from Microsoft Word to PDF format or from JPG to PNG for the pictures.

But as the notice, this method is only for seeing but not for changing. The data recovery software is still needed if you still want to see whether the document or picture files in its original format. Meanwhile, for converting them, there is commonly a sort of default software already available in Windows or Mac.


Use the Other Programs

In general, one single file format is able to open by some programs whether the programs are classified into the built-in or not. Yes, aside from the default programs from Windows or Mac, there are many other developers to develop programs to open common files whether it is document, picture, audio, or video. Interestingly, each program may have its own additional features and algorithm.

Based on that fact, aside from providing the data recovery software in your computer, make sure to install the alternative programs. The programs are especially those that are related to the files to be open more often.

Open the Files in Other Gadgets

Nowadays, people may have not only one gadget. Despite the PC, you may also have a Smartphone, tablet, and the likes. Even someone probably has more than a PC at home. So, try to use the other gadgets to open the files. At least, it is to make sure whether the files that indeed have been corrupted or the PC that have any problem. If the files are still not able to open in other gadgets normally, well, it means that they are indeed corrupted. You need iSkysoft data recovery to recover data from computer and any storage device.


Use iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

After all of the attempts mentioned above cannot work well, it means you need to install a kind of software to recover the data. iSkysoft Data Recovery is the best choice for its good performance and easiness to use.

Before using it, make sure you have already downloaded and installed the iSkysoft toolbox. Then, you only need to launch the app to make it work. For the corrupted data, choose the option of Partition Recovery. It is a special mode to repair the damaged or corrupted data for some causes including transferring, partition, virus, malware, and so on.

Next, choose the type of files to be repaired along with the previous location. The software scans all the disks including the external memory that has been plugged before the process. Use the feature of previewing the files to see whether the files successfully scanned are those that you are looking for or not. If yes, save the files into the folder provided carefully. Make sure that they are normally opened and no longer damaged.

Despite being used to repair the corrupted files, iSkysoft data recovery software is also very effective for any other file problems like the lost or deleted files. So, make sure to always provide it in your PC.

Summary: Having your important files corrupted is very annoying. Therefore, try to repair them through some methods above. Meanwhile, providing iSkysoft software for recovering the data is an essential thing as well.


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