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5 Accessories you need for your Mobile Phone

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Gone are the days when phones were simply for calling people. In today’s age, we not only depend on our phones, studies confirm that 80% of users check their phones within the first 15-minutes of waking up.

With that said, brands have clearly understood that, and continue to design and produce more and more accessories that can now be found on the market. You can find everything from phone case, to various screen protector options, to wristbands, belt clips, phone stands, lenses, and more. 

So for those who are in the market for some great options to attach to your phone, here is a look at five accessories that you may want to consider:


1. 8X Optical Telescope Mobile Lens

These days, more people are relying on their camera phones more than actual cameras themselves!

If you’re one of those people who are quick to reach into their pockets whenever a new photo opportunity, or ‘Instagrammable Moment’ presents itself, you should possibly consider one of these zoom lenses for your phone. It’s an accessory that can offer up to eight times the zoom capacity of your smartphone’s camera.

Not only that, but the price is reasonable enough, so the chances of regretting such a purchase is practically slim to none — especially if you’re prone to loosing things. Nothing worse than loosing that very expensive camera on your last vacation. 


2. Solar Mobile Charger

This item is best for those eco-friendly mobile phone users, who possibly spend allot of time away from a power source to charge your device. 

You can start charging your phone with the power of the sun with a solar mobile charger. It comes with several cords and is reasonably priced as well. Think of all the hikes and road trips you can have, where it won’t be necessary to charge up and carry around a backup battery.


3. Carbon Fiber Phone Case

Considering how much our lives depend on these devices, the safety of your mobile phone is truly a priority that you can’t afford to neglect. When it comes to protection, a great option to consider is a stylish, yet functional phone case like a carbon fiber case.

Each one is designed to fit into all of the various sizes of today’s leading devices. Safe, compact, durable, yet stylish–you can’t go wrong with a case or two.


4. Smartphone Repair Kit

There is a day that you’ll wish never arrived, but in the event that it does, you won’t need to worry so much about it. The day your phone breaks may arise, and when it does, if your warranty is no longer valid, you will want to be prepared.

This handy repair kit is just what you’ll want.

Opening up your phone the moment something goes wrong may not be recommended, but there are certain cases, such as getting it damaged by water, when doing so can be useful.*


5. Gamepad for Your Mobile Phone

There’s multiple options available. For iPhone users, you can go for the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i, while Android users will want to check out the GameSir G3. The iPhone option is pricier than the Android, but both equally perform.

Gamers will be glad to know they can finally get a controller support to their mobile phone game addictions.


Find Something You Like?

These are just five examples of what you can find in today’s market. You can search for these in your local store, but if you can’t find what you are looking for there, feel free to search for online stores.

It’s a guarantee that each of these accessories are worth every penny and that you’ll have a great time adding them to your overall mobile phone experience!

Check them out, and see if your craving for new accessories is satisfied by these rising products on the market.




*Please note that SWAGGER does not endorse the use of this product and does not assume responsibility for any damage or loss caused. If you take matters into your own hands and use this tool for repairing your phone, you do so at your own risk. SWAGGER simply features tools and accessories that are available, and has no control on the outcome of such products.


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