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The Custom Capcatcher Bottle Opener: Not Your Average Bottle Opener

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Bottle openers are awesome inventions, if you think about it. But one problem that hounds bottle openers is the mess that they create after the bottle has been opened and the cap just, well, stays on the floor. This wouldn’t really be a big problem if you’re just opening one bottle a day, but it becomes kind of a hassle if you have a big party, or even just a small beer-drinking get together with the guys on a Friday night. Imagine all the bottle caps littering your living room floor. The horror!

No more bottle caps on floors

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with the custom bottle opener from Capcatchers. This ingenious product catches the bottle caps as they drop, leaving you with arguably no mess to clean up after. Say goodbye to bottle caps on floors forever!

The custom Capcatcher bottle openers have been around since 1998. The company’s founder got the idea to create it after a year of hauling out oysters on his oyster boat while dealing with beer bottle caps on the deck. Then, this bottle opener has gathered quite a following and become so popular, that it is now available in a dozen different ways.

The original Capcatcher bottle opener is hand-crafted using select African Mahogany or Northern Oak hardwoods, and features a timelessly classic design that belies its modern convenience. Finished with natural tung-oil finishes at New England workshops using solar energy and eco-friendly materials, Capcatchers’ bottle openers are high quality products that any beer-lover will enjoy.

Personalized Capcatcher Bottle Opener

A personalized wall-mounted Capcatcher bottle opener is not only practical, it also looks awesome – and your friends will surely think so, too! They make great birthday, Christmas, or Fathers’ Day gifts, and are even better as groomsmen gifts. They can be personalized, which makes them perfect for the wedding party. And if your groomsmen are all buddies who love their beer, well, you’re not only giving them something useful, but something that they would actually appreciate.

If you’re still searching for the best groomsmen gifts for your wedding party, check out more Capcatchers products at

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