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18 Best Black Friday Deals to shop in 2023!

Sailun Tires

Dive into Savings with SWAGGER’s Essential Black Friday Guide!

Get ready for the ultimate holiday shopping spree! Our expert editors have meticulously curated the finest Black Friday deals, guaranteeing you access to the hottest discounts on tech gadgets, self-care essentials, and stylish living must-haves. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a first-timer, our guide is your roadmap to seamless navigation through virtual aisles. Embrace the joy of savings and make this Black Friday your most delightful yet!

Bring home the first BRINNO Time Lapse Camera and record everything!

Time-lapse everything, ranging from 1 month to 100 days! Using only 4 AA batteries, the Brinno TLC300 camera is perfect for anybody interested in documenting every moment. Prepare a festival feast and enjoy adorable family time with loved ones, use your mobile phone to do whatever you are doing, and let the Brinno time lapse camera take care of your memory preservation.

Brinno is an international time lapse camera brand, sold over 1 million units of cameras since 2009. The time lapse camera takes a photo at a pre-setup interval and then combines those photos in a short clip, compressing the hourly-long/days-long/monthly-long action into seconds-long/minutes-long video. Every step along the way matters, capture your life like never before!

Special Black Friday Deal – 20% OFF

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Johnny Slicks Organic Grooming Essentials – 25% OFF! Discount Code SWAGGER25 

25% OFF for every purchase. Use the code SWAGGER25

Johnny Slicks Organic grooming products have redefined men’s grooming. Handcrafted, American Made, and Veteran Owned, these grooming essentials epitomize strength and quality, delivering the ultimate experience for the modern man. The distinguished collection from Johnny Slicks features an array of grooming essentials, including organic pomades, beard oils, and beard washes. Our Shampoo and Conditioners provide a gentle yet effective cleanse, eliminating dirt and oil without the use of harsh detergents. A standout in our lineup is the top-selling After-Action Body Wash, renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, making it ideal for post-combat sports use. Our Pomades are meticulously crafted to cater to any hair texture and style, ensuring versatility and excellence in grooming. The brand’s commitment to using only organic ingredients is unparalleled. Toxic grocery store grooming products are filled with chemicals that can dry out your skin, hair and beard, and even disrupt your hormones. Make the Switch to Johnny Slicks Organic Grooming Essentials, every element is chosen for its effectiveness without compromise.

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The Electricianz Watches – 30% OFF – Discount ACTIVATED !!

Who Are We?
THE ELECTRICIANZ (ELZ) Is a Global Registered Trademark Based in Switzerland.

Our Mission ?
The ELZ’s ambition is to create new objects that illustrate “Electrical Phenomenon” and evolve in an alternative  universe blending electronic technology and lifestyle.

The #Voltloverz Community?
Designate the curious, audacious and inventive individuals who transcend their energy into projects, creativity, life. Highly energetic, urban and positive with a pinch of self-derision, we call them The #Voltloverz.

Our DNA ?
Electricity is at the core of our design. In Opposition to many watchmakers, we creatively reveal our electric mechanism, making it the jewel of our timepiece. Our offbeat design celebrates and transcends electric codes, components and materials and emulates electricity in its simplest expression — A Battery, Conductors and a Display. Our patented electric modules with LED’S are developed in house and offers a unique night experience.

Ready to Join Us? Don’t Miss the Chance to get your special Holiday Gift with a 30% OFF on all our product range.

Special Black Friday Deal: USE CODE SWAG30

Buy now: SWAG30

Kiwi Organic Mattress

The Kiwi Organic Mattress from My Green Mattress is an excellent value for those looking for both a healthy night’s sleep and unparalleled comfort. Handcrafted in the USA from breathable organic materials including latex, wool and cotton over a supportive custom designed innerspring, this mattress is designed to provide you with the perfect balance of support and plushness. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this mattress cradles your body in all the right places, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

During the My Green Mattress Black Friday Sale Save up to $300 on Organic Mattresses and 15% off on Bedding and Sleep Accessories.

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Shadow Base 800FX

Upgrade your PC’s housing this Black Friday with the Shadow Base 800FX from be quiet!. This sleek and spacious case is designed for optimal airflow and cable management, ensuring your components stay cool and organized. With its elegant aesthetics and premium build quality, the Shadow Base 800FX is the perfect gift for PC enthusiasts looking to enhance both form and function in their setups.

Special Black Friday Deal: $174.90

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‘Tis the season to upgrade that Ho, Ho, Home Office with the Vari® Holiday Sale. Right now, get up to 60% off standing desks, seating, accessories and more.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save up to 60% off!

Buy now USA Buy now CANADA


Take advantage of this Holiday Sale from Kizer with up to 50% off discounts!

Kizer has a reputation for EDC knives design and ‘Action’ is the core of our brand slogan. By now, we have launched a lot of iconic models such as Drop Bear, Original and C01C. And Kizer offers diverse and cost-effective options for practical holiday gifts or stand-out EDC collections.

Many of our classic or entry-level knives come with up to 50% off discounts in the Holiday Sale. Even our 2023 new models, which we never discounted, are participating in this campaign!

Now head to our official website and action for the best deals of this holiday season!

Special Black Friday Deal: Up to 50% off! 

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Kind Oasis Hemp-derived THC Gummies

Kick back and soak up the rays of sunshine with Kind Oasis Hemp-derived THC gummies. The elevating Delta-9 combined with natural juicy fruit flavors, vegan tapioca, and real sugar makes this gummy a 100% winner. Enjoy any concert, kayak adventure, or beach day! Or just pop one at home when simply chilling out after a long day! Whether you choose regular assorted or sour, each gummy is hand-crafted in small batches with good love and KIND vibes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Be kind and just relax.

Special Black Friday Deal: 40% off sitewide!

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Paleblue’s AA USB-C Rechargeable Batteries

Here’s the dirty secret about disposable batteries: Americans throw ten million away every day. Once they’re in the landfill, they slowly leach toxic heavy metals into our soil and water. Enter Paleblue: A single Paleblue rechargeable battery will replace 1000+ alkaline disposables, saving the world and our wallets at the same time.

Paleblue’s rechargeable AA batteries are compatible with nearly all outdoor and home gear, including headlamps, flashlights, gaming controllers, GPS units, wireless mouse, radios, stud finders, and more. An included USB-A to USB-C charging cable with outputs to charge four batteries simultaneously fully charges the batteries in 90 minutes. LED lights indicate the charge status.

If you are new to rechargeable batteries, the performance is second-to-none. Paleblue AA batteries feature a consistent 1.5V output whether they are fully charged or have 1% power remaining, which allows your flashlight to remain bright until the batteries need to be recharged. Each AA battery offers 2550 mWh of power and a capacity of 1700 mAh, comparable to other rechargeables and single-use batteries. Opt for Paleblue for their performance, dedication to sustainability, and the ultimate cost-savings.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save 20% off!

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EM Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Discover the epitome of timeless design and unmatched comfort with the EM Lounge Chair & Ottoman from Eternity Modern. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, this duo strikes a perfect balance between form and function. Its ergonomic design and plush cushioning create an ideal blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

As Black Friday approaches (November 22–26), seize the moment to transform your living space into a haven of sophistication with exclusive discounts site-wide on Eternity Modern:

  • 10% off all orders
  • 12% off orders $1000+
  • 15% off orders $2000+
  • 18% off orders $3000+

Unlock these unbeatable savings by simply applying the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to enjoy these unbeatable savings. Invest in both style and relaxation as you redefine your home with the iconic EM Lounge Chair & Ottoman.

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Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Everyone knows someone who likes to work on projects and DEWALT’s brushless compact drill/driver kit is sure to please! This new 20V MAX brushless compact 1/2-inch drill/driver delivers up to 16% more power and is more than two inches shorter in length (tool head length only) at 6.38 inches, with 404-unit watts out. Perfect for a variety of drilling applications, its on-tool LED work light helps to provide illumination to maximize efficiency and productivity. Charger included. $199 at RONA stores or online.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save $70 until Nov 29th!

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Cricut Maker® 3

This Black Friday, indulge in creativity with an exclusive deal! From Nov 22-Nov 27, the Cricut Maker 3 is available for just $469, a substantial $130 off, at Walmart and other leading national retailers.

Elevate your projects with the Maker 3’s unparalleled capabilities, from precision cutting and drawing to versatile crafting options. Its adaptive tool system accommodates a variety of materials, making it a go-to for intricate designs and diverse projects. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a novice crafter, this deal is your key to unlocking a world of limitless possibilities. Visit or your nearest retailer to seize this limited-time offer and unleash the full potential of your creativity.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save $130!

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Cync Products

As Black Friday approaches, the Cync team is excited to announce a suite of fantastic deals, but only for a limited time. Customers can enjoy 40% off priority products including:

This is the perfect opportunity to grab that item you’ve had your eye on for a while or to stock up on items. Start browsing at Amazon and Best Buy to save big!”

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Dyson Deals

From November 9 to 30th (while quantities last), Dyson will offer the following Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: 

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Peloton Bike+

The Peloton bike + is the latest and greatest in fitness tech bringing your own personal trainer right to your home. The Peloton Bike + offers a full body workout with immersive technology. With an upgraded 23.8” HD touchscreen that rotates with 360º so you can shift classes with ease. Users will also upgrade to 4-channel audio and can manage their resistance knob with a manual control or auto resistance which automatically changes your resistance to match the instructors’ cues. Ride with other Peloton Members live and on-demand. Send high fives and filter by followers, age or gender. Encouraging a send of community, and a support system. Connect your social media accounts if you want to get connected as well. Commit to a fitness-focused goal and earn badges for completion.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save up to $950 off Peloton Bike+ packages!

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Ninja Max XL Air Fryer – 5.2L (5.5QT)

This Black Friday, transform your cooking experience with the Ninja Max XL Air Fryer, available exclusively at Best Buy and now at an incredible savings of $140 0ff! Say goodbye to traditional frying methods and embrace a healthier approach to delicious meals. With a generous 5.2L (5.5qt) capacity and advanced air frying technology, the Ninja Max XL Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite crispy dishes with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. Take advantage of this unbeatable deal to revolutionize your kitchen and whip up guilt-free, flavorful delights for your family and friends. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to SAVE $140 and bring home the Ninja Max XL Air Fryer this Black Friday – a game-changer for every home chef.

Special Black Friday Deal: Save $140!

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Corkcicle’s Whiskey Wedge Glass

Elevate your whiskey experience this Black Friday with the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge, now available at an exclusive 25% off ! This innovative whiskey glass is designed to keep your drink chilled without diluting the rich flavors of your favorite spirit. Crafted with a silicone mold that creates a wedge-shaped ice block, the Whiskey Wedge provides a slow-melting ice slope, ensuring your whiskey stays perfectly chilled sip after sip. It’s the ideal gift for any whiskey connoisseur or a stylish addition to your own home bar. Take advantage of this fantastic Black Friday deal on Corkcicle’s Whiskey Wedge and savor your favorite whiskey at its best. Cheers to a holiday season filled with smooth sipping!

Special Black Friday Deal: Save 25% off!

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Apple Airpods  (2nd Generation)

Get ready to elevate your audio experience this Black Friday with a phenomenal deal on the Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model). Immerse yourself in seamless wireless connectivity and crystal-clear sound quality at an incredible 28% off on Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a podcast lover, or someone who values the convenience of wireless technology, these AirPods offer a perfect blend of style and performance. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to snag the latest and greatest in wireless earbud technology at an unbeatable price. Upgrade your listening game and make this Black Friday one to remember with the Apple AirPods – your gateway to a world of immersive audio.

Special Black Friday Deal: 28% off!

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