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Uncorking Elegance: Why World Whiskey Society’s Whiskeys Are the Ultimate Holiday Gifts

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The holiday season is when we show the people who are important to us how much they mean by choosing unique gifts.

And while the things we choose to give will differ, it’s the thought that counts and the attention to detail. For some people, a pair of socks with a particular motif will send just the right message. Even an expensive piece of jewelry won’t work for everyone.

For the whiskey lovers in our lives — anything related to whiskey will do. The choice has almost always been made from whiskey stone sets to the most expensive-looking bottle at the local liquor store.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There’s no reason why whiskey enthusiasts can’t be surprised, come holiday time, with a genuinely rare gift that’s also appropriate. And that’s where the World Whiskey Society comes into play.

Founded in 2020 by Alex Kogan, the company is one of the premier American non-distiller producers. WWS doesn’t distill whiskeys but partners with established distilleries to mature their whiskeys and give them a particular treatment. In a very short time, the company broke into the industry, garnering many awards and establishing itself as one of the leading producers of fine and unusual whiskeys.

A Rare and Exclusive Gift

The quality and exclusivity of its offer are among the top reasons why World Whiskey Society’s whiskeys are an excellent gift for spirits lovers. The company carefully selects the distilleries it works with and chooses only the whiskeys it believes will contribute to its mission of opening new horizons to whiskey lovers.

But its devotion to bringing new tastes to its customers doesn’t stop there, as the upcoming release of a WWS Classic Collection 10-year-old straight bourbon finished in tequila barrels shows. By finishing quality spirits in exotic oak barrels from abroad or those with different spirits, the World Whiskey Society can offer tastes that surprise even the most experienced palates.

A Global Whiskey Adventure

Even though whisk(e)y originated in the Gaelic lands of Scotland and Ireland, it’s produced worldwide today. From American bourbons to Japanese whiskeys, the water of life has found proponents everywhere people with good taste live.

World Whiskey Society works with distilleries worldwide to bring the best whiskeys to its customers in the United States. An upcoming product release, for example, includes three exquisite whiskeys from Scottish distilleries, all within the coveted WWS Reserve Collection — a 33-year-old Macallan Single Malt, a 32-year-old Aultmore Single Malt, and a 32-year-old Strathmill Single Malt.

For those who would like something even more exotic, WWS will offer Japanese whiskeys, too. And there will, of course, be a curated selection of US bourbons in the offering, usually with a twist.

Artistry Beyond the Taste

People who love whiskey can appreciate the art and craft of creating good whiskey. Every step of the process is critical for getting the result that’s just right, and even the big distilleries that have been doing it for decades need to stay on their toes to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The whiskey itself is not where the artfulness has to end. World Whiskey Society is known for its beautiful bottle designs, adding another layer of beauty to its whiskeys. The upcoming release of a 10-year-old Kentucky bourbon is a great example — it will come in bottles shaped like a unicorn. So even when the bottle’s empty, it’s still a piece of art.

Collector’s Appeal

Rare things, things that come in small series or batches, or hand-crafted things often pique the interest of collectors. There’s something about holding on to scarce things that makes collecting them extremely rewarding. Not to mention that, as time passes and fewer and fewer of those items are left around, their price can increase, too.

World Whiskey Society whiskeys are excellent items for collectors and anyone in your life who appreciates fine spirits. They are quality whiskeys through and through, which is the basis for their appeal, but they are also limited-release and artisanal.

WWS whiskeys can be a great entry point into the world of collecting for a whiskey lover thinking about changing their approach to the beloved spirit. For the experienced collector, they are a great gift because WWS puts out only the best whiskeys worldwide. Either way, they are an excellent gift for a whiskey collector, regardless of their experience level.

Ultimately, World Whiskey Society is the perfect gift for a whiskey lover because the company stands for everything good about whiskey. It always puts quality and uniqueness over quantity, precisely how fine whiskeys should be appreciated.


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