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Top 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Bingo Lovers

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The holiday season is just around the corner. Now would be the perfect time to start thinking about what you might want to get to family and friends for gifts. If you have one or more bingo lover on your list, here are a few ideas for gifts that are sure to be a hit with them.

Wooden Bingo Cufflinks – For the gentleman who is an avid bingo player or caller, an excellent gift would be a set of cufflinks made from vintage wooden bingo tokens.

Personalized Bingo Cards – Instead of your loved one having to leave their bingo cards behind at their favorite bingo hall, why not have a personalized set made for them? Whether it’s for an upcoming event such as a wedding or baby shower, or if you want to simply a personal or company name, there are sites on the web that can print up bingo cards just made to order.

Give a Gift Voucher for Their Favorite Online Bingo Site – If your special bingo player loves to play bingo online, a gift certificate in the form of a gift voucher to use at their online bingo site can be just the right gift. You can add to their bankroll so that the next time they sign on they’ll get a nice surprise. Most online bingo sites often allow gift givers to send a customized note to let them know that they can play bingo online, courtesy of you!

Deluxe Bingo Dauber Case – One of the classiest gifts for your bingo lover can come in the form of a hard shell case to hold 6 or more bingo daubers. The case is luxuriously lined with enough space for glue sticks, personal items and lucky charms. The outside of the case can serve as a bingo card holder to keep them right where your favorite player can see them.

Vintage Bingo Card – Almost everyone loves antiques or vintage items that remind them of good times when they were younger. Many bingo halls, including those operated by churches, are going by the wayside. That is because many players are choosing to play bingo online. This means that there are many vintage bingo cards, either of the traditional variety or those with sliding shutters that are available. You can find them at online auction sites such as eBay for example and they can be had for very little money.

Vintage Bingo Cage Spinner – One of the most iconic items sure to win the heart of your bingo lover is a vintage bingo cage spinner. 25 -50 years ago, this is the tool that bingo callers used. There are some particularly beautiful bingo cage spinners stocked with wooden bingo balls and a chute to select them at random.

Your bingo fan would be delighted to get any of these lovely gifts! Now you don’t have to worry about what to get them for Christmas.


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